Tarot Ritual: Minor Exorcism/Blessings


I'm curious if anyone here who is Christian/Catholic who regularly reads tarot in the Christian tradition has thought to perform a ritual prayer/minor exorcism over their deck(s) before a reading. In the vein of early Christian mysticism and magic, and in observation of many Christian denominations belief in formal rituals that include such prayers and minor exorcisms, I wonder if it isn't sensible to formally define such a ritual for readings. I've been researching early tarot and the rituals of the Christian and occult groups of the age (15th, 16th, 17th centuries) to see how each influenced the other; I have not seen a fear documented by early tarot readers of the Christian persuasion that suggested they were performing these prayers/rituals to keep "evil" influence away from their reading sessions. However, I've been writing a paper that proposes a framework for this, in the vein of ancient formal rituals. Would love to know if any here do in fact observe such rituals. Cheers.


I often say the St. Michael prayer of protection before I do a reading (and before I meditate), just to keep my subconscious sort of...well, protected, I guess. It's certainly not a big ritual or anything, but I'll usually use a quartz spear or something to direct my energy while I'm saying the prayer. It might be totally useless, but at least it puts me at ease. :p

I've never heard of doing a a true exorcism on a deck, though it's definitely an interesting idea. I suppose some older decks might have some crazy energy that a normal cleansing or blessing has a hard time getting rid of...and I've heard of spirits attaching to decks sometimes, so maybe that would call for a major rite like exorcism. :)


Thanks, HallowedNight! That's my basic ritual (minus the Quartz) and I suspect a full exorcism wouldn't be required unless you'd bought an old deck with bad energy. Good to know I'm not alone.