Tarot spells


Uhmmmmmm.... I felt that after my little dabbling with spellcraft that my deck got "tired." I won't do any readings with them for a short while. I do know that when my crystals get tired all I need is to bathe them in moonlight and they become happy. I don't know how to help my deck rest. Suggestions, please?

I wouldn't say it's the deck specifically - but more that you presently can't detach yourself from how you've just used it (and it has been quite an emotional roller coaster for you).
So I would agree - you need to take a break.

But as you obviously love ritual and find it useful for ordering your mind (as I do :) )
I would suggest some kind of cleansing ritual for your deck.
Now... lets see. Presently it's about 4 weeks to the next Full Moon - so have to scratch using that (which is my favourite :) ).

You could invent a little ritual in which you might for example - smudge your cards with sage, mugwort or sweetgrass (or other incense of some sort) and then leave them charging in a crystal grid for a week? (you mentioned you have crystals).
I would probably put mine in a quartz crystal grid - and as I have at least 4 large single terminated clear quartz pieces I'd place the cards in the centre of these with the crystals aligned to the 4 cardinal points (maybe with a selected coloured silk cloth underneath). So here - the crystals will form a cross shape with the
cards at the centre point.
I'd have the crystals pointing outwards first (so "negative energy" or ideas are being drawn away from the cards).
And then swap the points around to face towards the deck (to imbue the cards with new "positive energy" ).
I might also ring gongs and bells over them...(I love that sort of thing!!)

North, South, East and West
Here I set my Cards to Rest!
Cleanse them, align their powers true
That I may read with them anew!"



I know when I'm tired, but what you're saying here is that when I feel that my deck is tired, that I am wrong, and you are right?
I'm saying that I do not believe cardboard gets tired. YMMV.


Thank you for sharing what you believe, Gregory.

Tanga, thanks for that ritual. I shall try it tomorrow night!