tarot spells....


Hi im very interested in tarot spells. But i dont know any. If someone has any or know of a good website with them please reply or email me. Thanks


Hi There is a great book out called Tarot Spells by Janina Renee that is really super they have used coppies on Amazon starting at $2.95



Well, there you go, hispanic. I had the same book recommended to me by someone on another forum. I haven't purchased it yet. But it must be good. ;)



Speaking of the book, Tarot Spells, at the suggestion on this thread, I checked it out a Amazon. Before I ordered it I wanted to ask my friend if I could have it shipped to her house since she is home all day. When I asked her, I just said that I wanted to have something sent there. She asked what and I said, "a book". She gave me a really strange look and said, "What Book". When I told her she got this amazed look about her and dived into her closet. She came up with a practically brand new copy of this book. She said that it was given to her by her English beaux (the one that ditched her) but she did not want it and I could have it. Amazing.

So.... to make a long story short (too late, I know :-D) I wanted this book, it was handed to me on a silver platter and I think it is a wonderful book. I can't help but feel that I was meant to own it because of the way it came to me. Wild, huh?



That's so neat the way that book found it's way to you. It's quite obvious that you were meant to own it. I don't think it could have possibly been coincidence. Nope, it was meant to be. :)

Catcha later,