Tarot Spreads?


Hi, I'd like to ask if anyone would like to share some Tarot spreads (Used cards under 5 please.) It can be about anything and everything. :) I want to explore more tarot spreads or oracle spreads for future readings. I've done a few spreads from two themed decks of mine and it was wondrous! It brought amazing results, capturing my feelings from the past few days during when my problems/stress started and gave me the clarity to do what was right.
I hope you guys will be able to teach me more about tarot spreads!
So.. advance thanks! :D


Whenever I want a nice new spread, or need some inspiration, I go to this part of the forum:

The number of cards used in the spread is written behind the title, so that makes it easier to pick a spread.

I hope this will help you! :cool2: