Tarot storage- tins??


Hi all,

I am wondering if anybody knows of an online shop where I could buy a tin for my decks- both lenormand size and regular tarot size-

I am finding tarot bags just get bumped around my handbag- okay so I probably carry too much 'stuff' around but who doesn't?? (It's all essential...right?!!!!)

(sorry Mods if this is the wrong place to post my question and feel free to 'move' somewhere more appropriate)

Thanks in advance,
Tink x


This thread might be of interest to you aswell http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?t=244099

I'm putting in a wholesale order at the end of the month for the A7 tins and 300ml tins, will try to see if a can get some samples of the A8 tins they should fit some lenormand decks.

ETA, Once I get the tins I will post some pics of the tins with my decks in them so anyone who's interested can get a better visualization of how the Tarot and Lenormand decks look in these tins.


Earthair and Tigerangel,

Thank you for the information and I would definitely be interested in a tin or two!
I look forward to the photos!

Tink :)


Just received my tins from tinware today, I will post some pics with decks as soon as I can get the time to take the pictures, so you can have realtime view of the tins from tinware, I can say right now that the A8 pastile sizes tin is no good for lenormand decks, unless it's a really super small one (under the roses lenormand is a tad to big for the A8 tin), the 300ml tin with window fits my conscious spirit Oracle perfectly in its box, will post some pics as soon as I can.