Tarot stories from my lil&#39 sister


Well, I posted a while back that I was teaching my 10 year old sister to read Tarot. I have decided that before she does any readings, we will discuss the cards generally, which was a great success. We have gotten over all the 'Death means physical death' worries which were brainwashed into her my the media and school etc, and last night I taught her various methods of shuffling, asking for guidance, grounding visualisation, and centring. Then, I told her to deal as many cards as she felt were right, and make up a story based on those cards. She's gonna do some more, and the one she did last night was really good, cuz some of the things she saw in each card were bang on the spot! What I'll do, is post some of her stories up on this thread for you all to read. I'm sure she'll be really pleased to know what you all think of it. (Bear in mind she's 10....)



Brilliant idea!


Kiama, I'd love to hear the stories your sister sees in the cards.

When my 8 year old niece stayed with me this last summer, she did this same thing. She had a ball doing it and was pretty good too. I let her pick which deck to "play" with and surprisingly to me, she loved my Tarot of the Old Path deck. I thought she'd go for my African or Hanson Roberts. ???

Please post some of the your sister's stories. I'd love to hear them.


Sounds like she is making progress and having fun.
Do go ahead and post the stories, it?ll be interesting to hear what insight your sister has on the Tarot. :)


:) just know I?ll enjoy reading your sisters stories :) I just can?t wait ?till (hopefully at least one) my daughters wanna do the same :)