tarot story raising mulitple questions


Merry Christmas everybody!

It is xmas eve, and having gotten back from family gatherings, etc. a little aago, I have an interesting tarot-related story to share with you all.
There is this girl, I will call Sue. Sue is a very pretty young woman, who a few years ago began seeking for a higher purpose in things. In her search she began to turn towards divination, bought a set of tarot cards and became a frequent customer of a particular tarot card reader. During one reading (which turned out to be her last), the tarot card woman read her for an extended period of time (approx. 2 hrs. or more.) During this session, the tarot card reader went into "a zone" or "channelling" or whatever you want to call it. Something not entirely uncommon to several of you, I'm sure. And also something not uncommon for this particular reader to do. However, during this trance she started telling Sue some really scarey stuff, like demons were in her midst, and that angels were rapidly circling around her, etc. She also said that the angels were frantic for Sue to listen to them, and if she didn't she would soon fall ill. Well, needless to say, Sue freaked out. After the reading, the reader didn't remember anything she had said. Two weeks later Sue fell into a deep depression, accompanied by self-mutalation. She has been struggling with depression now for quite some time (years) and the thing that she clings to now is Catholisim. Some might even classify her (if one were to call names) as a "jesus freak." Having gotten into a disscussion with her tonight, she let me know her views on several things, including how EVIL tarot is and divination and magic and paganism, etc. (what a frustrating conversation, as you can imagine. She even related the scar on Harry Potter's head to the lightening when Lucifer fell from heaven... ) She ALSO credits her fall into depression with that (evil) tarot reading. As you probably guessed she was a pretty unstable person at the time of the reading, and one could say the reading catapulted her further.

so. yes, that is my story. but the questions it raises are many. there are so many ways to look at this. for example, was the tarot reader in a sense warning her of her upcoming sickness? Would she even have fallen so hard if she was not told such mind-blowing information? (if I heard someone tell me that demons were outside my window... yikes!) Was that tarot reading indeed the trigger that set an unstable person off? And, if so, that brings up the ethical question of reading in general... and of course, the responsiblity of the reader. Not everyway walks away from a tarot reading feeling "better" about things (to put it simply). And, you may have no idea how frail the person you are reading for is and how much stock they put into your "predictions." AND, what do you do if you go into a trance and start spouting off incredible stuff. You obviously have no control (or limited control) over that.
anyhoo, not really looking for specific answers, but just wanted to share and perhaps get others' thoughts about these issues.
good night, joya


From the story you related, there can be many questions, as well as answers. We, in western culture, feel the need to explain human conduct and emotions in terms we can understand.

Could there be a battle raging over her souls by the forces of light and dark? Sure, I suppose that's one answer.

Could she have a physical ailment which manifests itself in clinical depression. Yeah, she might.

Are Tarot and divination the tools of darkness? Maybe, maybe not.

Some questions simply can't be answered or understood with certainty. We place ourselves in positions where we agonize over issues over which we have little control.

My advice? Follow yourt heart, but listen to your head. Make the best choices you can, based on the facts before you -- then move on down the road.

I wish you happiness,



I know very little about channeling, and have had no experience with it. However, I remember one Tarot author (I regret to say I don't remember who) who said that a Tarot reader who goes into a "trance" and starts "channeling" and tells the client lots of scary stuff and then comes out of it and doesn't remember what was said, is being totally irresponsible and unethical.

My understanding (limited as it is) about channeling is that the channeler's awareness does not disappear, but rather that the channeler is awake and aware of what is going on while the entity is being channeled. I can't imagine anything more irresponsible than to turn off your mind and let your subconscious (or a channeled entity or however you want to look at it) spout any kind of nonsense at the client. We *do* have a responsibility to think about what we're telling the client and the effect that will have on them.

I think it's possible that this Tarot reader was pulling a scam on the client, and was preparing to suggest to her that the reason she was being hounded by demons was because her money was unclean and she had to get rid of it, etc., etc.

I also think it's probable that the client would have ended up a conservative Catholic anyway, even without the whole Tarot episode. I think where people end up in life has a lot more to do with the type of person they are, rather than specific things that happen to them. After all, lots of stuff happens to everybody, but the type of person you are determines how you will react to it. If she's become a conservative Catholic, it's because it satisfies her deepest personality traits, not because, as she would put it, Satan tried to ensnare her with Tarot cards. :)

-- Lee


i agree with lee, that reader was totally unprofessional and unethical. anyone who is prone to fall into self-unaware rants should probibly seek professional help themselves.


luv and light,


OK, maybe I'm missing something, but you said this was your story....are you Sue or the reader?
Anyway from either end though -
I have no personal experience with channeling but from what I've heard from others who do - it's not normal to completely lose yourself during the channeling. And if that is the case I agree with nexyjo that that person should get help themselves.

But I also believe that 'Sue' should get help. She is in a very trying time right now and could use some professional advice from a counseler not from a "slightly off" tarot reader.

Even if what the reader said is true, it was very irresponsible to spout off all that information to a person who couldn't deal with it. For that matter really anyone at all. I couldn't deal with that information and I'm pretty settled with myself!!!

It just seems to be a mess any way you look at it. :(


hi again. I am neither Sue, nor the reader, but was just sharing a story regarding a conversation with a famliy friend. I am not worried about tarot cards being evil or whatnot, and I am not concerned or questioning my own practices or beliefs. It just blew me away that a tarot reading could (potentially) have that much adverse effect -- and the blantant irresponsibilty of the reader. And I wanted other's thoughts on the subject. :)


Sorry I did go back and read the story again and realized you were neither person, Joya250.

This was one strange happening!


Joya's account reminds me of another recent thread that touched on "ethics" & "morality"; how information is used by the reader. Responsibility also lies with the querent.
Assuming that Sue gave an accurate accounting of what was given, did the reader indicate the nature of what "the angels" wanted Sue to know about or did Sue ascertain of same?
The initial impression is that the reader was speaking of an actual circumstance or at the very least, using symbolic references. There may be an issue with the stability of the querent, but we do not know that the reader was familiar with the mental state of the querent.
It is significant that Sue was already struggling with depression; therefore, already unstable or "unhealthy". Since she has a history of depression, that alone could lead to dubious reactions on her part to *any* sort of reading such as the one she experienced! The content of her reading is such that it would impact someone of a better circumstance; however, it strikes me that the reading was a statement of what was ensuing. The result was a manifestation of what was "foretold".
A personality disorder can be seen as from a black & white standpoint of negative energy versus positive energy; the opposing forces or sides within one's own nature; an imbalance, whether of the chemical, the mental &/or emotional aspect--the result is the same. Such a condition may be reflective of some inner struggle that is seeking recognition or as reflected in the "angels" & "demons" terminology, terms she would be familiar with given her religious affiliation, perhaps.
I find it significant that there was "self-mutilation"--a sign of some negative influence at work that need not be of an external origin, but of the self. If it is of external influence, some part of her is vulnerable to that influence or in attracting same. It seems to be an expression of some internal disorder or struggle, evidenced by the distorted or abnormal expression (as any unusual expression is the result of a distorted psyche); also hints at some deep repression or anger.
I've heard of readers who are not aware of what they "channel". Why this is so is open to conjecture, but it does not necessarily relate to incompetency on the part of the reader. For example, Edgar Cayce could not recall the content of his readings conducted under trance conditions.
Speaking from a personal standpoint, a part of me remains aware when in what I loosely term "reading mode". Whilst "I" may not always understand or relate to the material, I do not think I am unaware of what issues from my "mouth". I am more aware of attempting to express concepts in an understandable form for the querent.


hiya MeeWah! :) interesting feedback. I too was thinking that the reader may have been attempting to describe what she saw in perhaps more understandable terms. And I do know that illness manifests in subtle ways as well as physical. I've read about people who have a dream about meeting a "red demon" (for example) and shortly thereafter be struck with a disease. It is curious and unfortunate that "Sue" projected her source of illness into tarot and related subjects. She seems on the road to recovery, so to speak, but I would not be surprized if she had another "crash" since she has now swung so violently in another direction. (she is currently considering becoming a nun !!! and peppers all her conversations with biblical quotes...) ah well, I wish her nothing but positive along this difficult path she has chose.
(and thank you all for listening to me, I had to get this off my mind. It's a little unnerving watching a longtime family friend deal with such matters, especially when they hit so close to home, being linked to tarot and all.)
good night. joya



I'm sorry- part of being a responsible tarot reader is that you are trying to HELP people. To fall into a 'trance' and say all manner of distressing things, then 'wake up' and claim to have no knowledge of having said them...sounds like a dissociating (sp?) personality to me! I would probably have been deeply distressed by what this person said to me, but I have enough wits about to me say to them: "You don't remember what happened? Well, I already paid you before you started." And left very quickly.

Yes, we as readers sometimes have lousy, distressing news to tell people; but we are supposed to help them use that knowledge to correct/strengthen something, not scare the crap out of them.

I feel very sorry for your friend. Is there some way to report this person to the authorities?