Tarot Symbol Book?


I second this, and highly recommend it; this is my go-to book on symbolism across the board!

Edited to add: I prefer this book since it explains the history and offers explanations on why so many of these archetypal symbols have stood the true test of time.
I like it too - with one caveat - there are a few instances when tarot traditions have kind of overridden the ones in there, which can confuse.

Freyja of V

Thank you so much :) I think I now have enough reading material for two lifetimes :joke:

I second the Penguin Dictionary as well and I'll offer 2 more (so you can read them in your next lifetime):

The Secret Language of Symbols: The symbols included in this book are associate with IChing, Chakras, Zodiac and Tarot and there's a small section on Tarot. It's a great concise book

Also, The Book of Symbols (which is huge)

Good luck.:thumbsup:


Pictures from the Heart: A Tarot Dictionary by Sandra Thomson. I bless the day Sulis put me on to it :)


Just wanted to say thanks for this (and to OP for asking!) as I'd been looking for something similar, bought this on Kindle and really enjoying it so far :) Will also check out the Penguin book, I'm hopeless at symbolism (possibly related to being autistic - the literal nature of autistic brains is sometimes kinda overstated, most autistics I know have lots of imagination, but it is true that I kinda struggle not to see a cigar as just a cigar, so to speak!)