Just a reflection about the discussion function at tarotpedia.com

Tarotpedia has a discussion function, which is a nice tool. However, the "historical run" of our discussions was it, that tarotforum.net was the place.

Once there was only one Tarot-history-forum at aeclectic.net. Then the decision was done to part it in 3 groups and adding two others of newer Tarot history to the current version with 5 groups.
However, the action proved as dangerous. I at least remember my feeling, that this activity spoiled the energy of the earlier group. Well, it recovered with the time, but at least me asked me occasionally, if its useful to spend some energy here.

But a new partition now between discussion at Tarotpedia and discussions at the history forum here I don't think as worthful. Keeping an overview, what's happening, which reassures, that there is somehow a "common place" of communication, gets difficult then - especially as the discussion at Tarotpedia spoils again in various sectors. It will become confusing - at least I do see there problems.

I would suggest to fill the discussion page at tarotpedia with links to topics, which are discussed in the tarotforum - in a controlled moderated way.

In discussion it's also worthful to know who said what. The discussion page at Tarotpedia is unprotected in the spirit of the pedia, but this is a special idea, which is useful at its original place, but not necessarily in our case.

"Tarot history" needs, that the history forum at tarotforum.net stays strong. It's a known address. People look here and not at the Tarotpedia at the moment, and it usually takes a longer time till a new address is accepted and used.

le pendu

I'd like to mention that tarotpedia.com has not been officially "opened to the public" yet. It is in "beta" phase right now, it has only been up and running for a week's time. We are still sorting things out.

We posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Subscribers Chat section, looking for users to give us feedback about the site, hoping to get enough people to try it and help us find issues and make suggestions... without getting too many to deal with if things needed to be moved around and changed.

Yesterday, a post was made in this History section mentioning the site, and JMD felt that having readers of the History section of AT know about and contribute to tarotpedia.com was a good idea, so the post was left and encouraged.

I just wanted everyone to understand where we "are" right now. We may go "public" tomorrow, or in a week, or a month. What we are looking for is feedback about the structure of the site, and ways to improve it.


Regarding the discussion tab on each page of Tarotpedia.com, you've brought up a very good point Huck. I'm personally not a big fan of the discussion tabs, they simply are not as clear to read as posts on a forum. In a way, they become like reading forwarded emails.. hard to figure out who said what when.

On the other hand, maybe their general purpose should be for recording a history of updates and questions regarding the content anyways? I honestly don't know.

I probably wouldn't discourage users from using the discussion pages on tarotpedia for discussions, as they see fit. Nor do I oppose the idea of using a forum to discuss the pages.

You've raised an interesting point, and I'm curious to learn what others think.



I think tarotpedia.com is an excellent initiative.
It will provide a place where it is easy to publish and find content that is presented in a structured way. ATF is great as a discussion place, but finding stuff in it is really hard.
Our little experiment with Boiardo seems to be a good example. In order to write the translation, I decided to use a wiki before I knew of tarotpedia. And publishig the translated text can give much better results on tarotpedia.
But if we want to discuss things, a forum is perfect. I think one will go to tarotpedia to find answers. But if you have a question to ask a forum is a much better place.

I think ATF and tarotpedia are complementary and will gain energy from each other: ATF as the place where ideas are generated and refined, tarotpedia as the place where they can be found, read and understood.



I found Taropedia to be well-organized and very easy to use; however, the discussion section was a bit confusing for me, and the idea of using ATF for discussion seems like a great idea.



There was never any intention on replacing strong discussions from the historical section of these forums to the 'discussion' tabs regarding various threads - quite the contrary, in that Forum discussions can really and clearly provide for true discussions, tarotpedia benefit from a communal 'summary' of what becomes established, and conversely tarotforum itself benefit from points and ideas that generate further items of discussions.

For example, two threads in Professional Tarot section of the forums appear to be a direct consequence of 'stubs' in tarotpedia ('Tarot Counselling' and, as a consequence of that one, 'Tarot-Psychology/Psychology-Tarot').

The suggestion to link to 'proper' discussions from the 'discussion' tabs within tarotpedia pages to tarot forum threads is an excellent idea...


Huck said:
However, the action proved as dangerous. I at least remember my feeling, that this activity spoiled the energy of the earlier group. Well, it recovered with the time, but at least me asked me occasionally, if its useful to spend some energy here.

Please elaborate on this clear and present danger. I am fascinated.


.. :) I thought it dangerous to split the group ...when you write and you get no feed-back it's boring ... not very fascinating