Teaching Tarot


Well, I want to teach Tarot. I have experience in teaching First Aid, Manual Handling, ad BSL to people both younger and older than me. I also have a venue. However, that is where I get stuck. Is it legal for me (Under 18) to be teaching the Tarot? With the other teaching, it was through St John Ambulance, so I was allowed, butI have no actual certificates to prove I am qualified to teach.

How would I go about getting people on the course? What should I charge? What do I teach them first? Will older people take me seriously? I have no experience planning or organising these things: Just teaching them to people.



Hi Kiama,
Sorry I can't answer all your questions, but it might be an idea to investigate community adult education centres. I'm not sure if you have these where you are (you're in england, right?), but if you do, you could try and start a course through one.
If you contact one with a course idea and they like it, they will set the whole thing up for you. Including promotion, enrolments, payments and pretty much everything else (all you have to do is show up on the day and teach).
The one in my area offers courses on everything from computers to languages to new-age matters and art.

Good luck :)



kiama do you have any new age bookstores where you are moving? we have a handful in town that offer a variety of services. one store has a free class the first tuesday of the month called tea tarot and theresa and she covers basics and all the major cards then we split up into informal groups and play. and some of the stores offer a single to four part class that they charge aroung $10 usd per person for each class. good luck i suspect a leo here and ya just gotta have a stage if your a leo! do tell also how you like your new golden dawn its one of my top five favorites



Scorpio is right, a new age book store might be a good place to start. The one near me has classes all the time.

In regards to your qualifications, if any one questions them have them contact me. I?ll vouch for you!


I approached Adult Education or Continuing Education here in the states - which is where I have always taught it. Let me warn you- at least here in the USA- you have to contact them now about a class in the fall, since they make up their schedules and whatnot up to a year ahead of time. Even if you get in the catalog, you have to meet a minimum number of students, so there is no guarantee you will have a class up to the day the class is supposed to start.

Major Tom

Kiama - There's some good suggestions in Adult Education and New Age bookstore - but your question made me think...

Professional qualifications...a certificate to hang on the wall behind your head like the doctor in the surgery....

I know there's a Tarot Association or some such in America that offers some sort of certification...but I'm completely unaware of any operating in England or elsewhere for that matter. Anyone know of any?

If not - why don't we start one. }>


I do not see why there should be a legal problem with you teaching Tarot... but I am not in the UK. I do think, however, that your age may work a little against you...

Instead of setting out to teach a course as such, it may be worth considering setting up a Tarot study group... run by yourself, of course. In many ways the two are similar, except that the expectations people have of you are different: in the latter, they expect to do far more work than just being 'fed'.

This will also give you valuable experience to run a 'proper' course later. Personally, I value the incredible contributions made by sometimes Tarot novices. I remember a PhD student making suggestions about certain meanings in ancient Greek which certainly illumined various discussions in the group.

As mentioned above, I too would recommend Adult Education/Community Centres, and University Student Association Learning centres (they go under numerous names)... and don't forget to advertise in local papers and bookshops!


I would agree with jmd to maybe start with a study group, and from that, later using the format and insights you gained from that to create a syllabus.
Your age shouldn't really be a legal problem; however, some people who are older than you might not believe that you have enough life experience to impart such esoteric knowledge. So I guess what I'm saying is that it might be more of a PR thing than a legal thing.
And there is some sort of international Tarot association: www.tarotsociety.org. So check with any other Tarot teachers in your country to check what "certifications" you have to have to teach.
Here in the US, you don't necessarily have to have any certification to teach. Which is good, because I have ethical conflicts with the Tarot Certification Board (they make you promise that you will never tell clients that something bad will happen to them...)
So, I hope this helps and good luck.



I think you have the knowledge and the experience to teach..the advise I would give, is don't mention your age..no one needs to know that much about you.

I wish you luck and wish you were here so I could take the course (poor me LOL)



Unfortunately, there are no spiritual or new age stores or shops around where I am, except for one which is too small to swing a cat, let alone seat fifteen-ish people comfortably! *Sigh*

I found out that it doesn't matter how old I am, or if I have qulaifications, cuz this course won't be one of those 'exam at the end to gain a certificate' courses.

Thanks for all you input. At the moment, I've got all these ideas in my head, and I'm really excited: Its just the planning. I know where to advertise, that certainly won't be a problem, its just getting the courage to acually go ahead and do this.

Teaching or study group? Well, when I teach its a very interactive thing. I suppose one can't really call it teaching, merely intiating responses and discussion. Besides, I can't see how you can stand up and talk, talk, talk about a certain card, without having a group discussion! The last thing I wanna do is have the learners buried under lecture notes, or without any of their ideas: That's not how Tarot should be learned. Its a personal thing, so the 'classes' will be very much 60% them, 40% me. I'm also considering doing one evening on decks, and all the different ones around, for those of them who don't already have one, or are thinking of getting a new one. And I might also include the book 'Living The Tarot' by Amber Jayanti in the price of the course, cuz I found this book one of the most inspiring and helpful around. And its not too expensive! (2.99 pounds sterling).

Next question: What sort of things should be covered in a 10 week study group? Should I go as far as Qabalah/Astrology/Numerology associations?

Unfortunately, the Adult Education centre where I am will not let me teach, cuz I'm not technically an adult myself. So, I'll probably be going freelance. I can do advertising and organising the venue on my own (Well, a little bit of help from my Dad who's good at this organisation stuff won't go amiss).

Oh, oh, nearly forgot: Should there be a minimum age for the people to be? I am hesitant to put one on, considering I'm only 17, but what if there are some really young people who maybe aren't as mature as the older ones? How do I work that one out?

And how do I (A small, and obviously 17-looking girl) hide my age, or answer somebody who asks me how old I am? I do look quite young... But I sound old. Oh dear, so many questions....