Tell me about Card care/Cleansing


Hi all,

OK another novice question. I have most of my decks in bags (from Quixoticxa on ebay), but do not feel the need to cleanse or give my decks any special care. I do shuffle them quite a bit, but that's about it.

How important is the care? Do you honestly believe that you cannot get a accurate reading from a deck that is not cleansed or seasoned?

Thanks for your advice.

PS you are all in my thoughts and prayers.


Since I'm so new, too, I really can't say. My personal belief is that if you're comfortable, then it's good. I made my own bag and spread cloth, so I feel my energy is in those things, surrounding the cards. If you feel enough of your energy is there in one way or another, I guess it will work for you. Maybe some of the experts have more insight with this than I do!


Hello CJ!
Here is something super simple you can try - place any new deck over your heart chakra and let your love energy pour through. They'll be purified in a jiffy.


as a beginner myself (only two years), i've come to realize that cleansing, seasoning and other rituals all hold their power within the individual who decides that these acts are, in fact, sacred. also, a lot of ritual is rooted in the practical and protective care of an important tool.
what works for me is basically anything that i decide is special and meaningful. for example, pouches and spread cloths specially chosen for my favorite decks are one ritual that i have come to maintain. i have also cleansed all my used decks, which makes up the bulk of my collection. i also clear all my favorite decks as i feel they need it, like after an especially intense reading.
basically, i get good readings as long as i feel connected to my cards, and i feel connected to my cards when i enact rituals that tell my psyche "this is sacred, that is, set aside for Spirit."
deso...i like that suggestion about the heart chakra--thank you!


I like to use my purple spread cloth and keep my decks in wooden boxes. My Original Rider Waite, my favourite, is also wrapped in black silk inside its wooden box. I also have a larger small chest like wooden box incase I decide to go mad and start buying more tarot decks lol


I don't "cleanse" my cards per se. I do shuffle them quite a few times before I lay them out for a reading. I just shuffle until I start to feel centered and I feel that the cards are "ready".

If I for some reason felt the need to someday I might run them through some sort of smoke from incense or leave them in the sunlight for a while or something (someone else suggested that in the tarot beliefs thread, sounded good to me. ;) ).

If you feel you need to do something then do it. If not, they are probably fine. Rituals only work if they truly mean something to you. Don't chant or burn candles or incense just because some book says you should. But, if you feel that it would help you then by all means go ahead. I don't really adhere to any specific rituals, I don't feel a need to, my cards and I understand each other just fine. :D

Rhiannon :)