Tell me about the Faeries Oracle


I don't own the Faeries Oracle but I am thinking of getting it. I've read and heard so many great things about this deck. I was just wondering does this oracle provide insight about yourself or does it predict events as well? Do you find it accurate than other tarot decks?


neptune said:
I don't own the Faeries Oracle but I am thinking of getting it. I've read and heard so many great things about this deck. I was just wondering does this oracle provide insight about yourself or does it predict events as well? Do you find it accurate than other tarot decks?

it provides intimate information about youself, it talks of events, n warns against negative people or influences regardless the source. it doesn't drain me energy wise, instead it feeds my energy. i can do 5 readings in a row w/this deck, n feel like i just begun. its indepth as much as u will let it be.

Alissa (my blood sister) explains it as, they hold mirrors, making u face yourself in both your ugliness and beauty, but they are polite and gentle with their messages. (ok, well that's not exactly how she'd explain it, but i'm sure she'll jump in here n use her own words)

this deck is THEEE deck for me! it speaks to me fluidly with little to no blocks. It's the best deck i've ever got!

sits back n listens to the rest of the fae friends jump in on this one.


Fabulous Fae

I agree with everything Sagitarian says, including her report of how her sister, Alissa, views the deck.

If someone had told me a year ago that I would become interested in faeries I would have gaped in amazement. Yet it happened -- and this deck is the reason why.

People often assume that faerie oracles are "lightweight," but I am confident that this particular deck will change their minds. Repeatedly, I have found that the Faeries Oracle promotes the kinds of self-knowledge and understanding that make real change possible. Its messages are delivered with impish humor, winking irony and kindliness -- but they are unflinchingly honest and clear, at the same time.

I have never used the Faeries Oracle for other people, but I know that others do -- Sagitarian is one, and perhaps Alissa, as well -- with great success. So far, I have only experienced it in daily draws and personal meditation, and find those encounters sufficiently "meaty" to occupy my thoughts for a long time, and give me much to consider. This is a very unusual deck -- warm, but unsentimental in the truths it conveys; imaginative, but deeply real -- and I recommend it very, very highly.


i'm with sagitarian and astraea...for me it's 'the deck', i tried so many others but when i go to my fae, it's so much clearer, easier, i understand the language, they change, every day, i look at them and they talk, give energy, support, reveal wisdom, show me what i'm doing wrong, totally honest, like said they are mirrors, that's why the pictures changes every day because you change...they show it to you

they are my beloved friends, it's different then with other decks, with this deck i have the feeling they are real...i don't have this feeling with any other deck...they are there for me when i call, when i need them, when they need attention, when they wanna play or if i wanna play...

i also see it with my cat, when i use this deck, she's always a little different, she react on things i don't see, she looks, react strange...

i found it funny, when i was doing my daily draw, one day i draw hobyah, he looks very scary...she stayed far away from me till i have put my cards back, then she finally came...when he was gone, giggle*


gee I just had to pipe in, huh ??

I've posted so darn much all over this forum, that it's pretty obvious how much I enjoy having this deck.

I rarely use it to read for others, and when I do it's usually a 3-card "meaningless" spread (I'm sure the Fae would appreciate me naming it that ;)). I just see who shows up and what They have to say.

I've never found it necessary to be driven to applying patents "meanings" to Faery Oracle cards, the way you would would Tarot. This approach, for me, created the ability to find my own meanings in every card, and every reading.

Most often, I pull a daily and/or dream Fae, and maybe if I want to ask Them for a message about any particular person, I'll ask to see an image for that. But that's about it for how I use my fae deck.

It's enough!

And about the mirrors thing, Faery Oracle cards are like *serious* Rorschact ink blots, in how they suggest things to you. When you drop the associations of "why?" and learn to just listen, that's where the wisdom in these cards lie.

The source may be yourself, at times. The Fae show you images, telling you so.

Or it may be Them. Or it may be Teachers, working with Faery. I don't know. I don't need to know, I just love looking at the cards.

Epona's Wild Daughter is today's fae. :) I adore her gazelle legs, always going this way and that....

Alissa finishes her pop tart and hits the post key....


Old thread, but my question is in a similar vein.

How big are these cards? How is the printing quality? The card stock? I've seen many posts on the temporal aspects of the cards but very little on the physical properties of the oracle. I've been using the online version and I love it, but I wondered if the cards would be larger in person?


The cards are a bit larger than the Gilded or the Fenestra -about 3x5 inches. The card stock is about the same as the Gilded-not quite as glossy or laminated. They have a real "earthy" feel to them.


Thank you! I've had several opportunties to buy these cards but I kept holding off. With that big shelf box they are in, its impossible to know what the cards are like. Thanks again. :)


You're welcome-my first experience with them was also online. Don't put it off any longer- if you connected with them online, you will probably love them "in person". It's the first deck I really connected with. I just love mine. eEt us know what you think...


Yahoo! Finally have my cards and they work just as well as the online version... which is very well indeed. :) My only wish was that the book had a journaling page after each card entry.