Temperance - the good, the bad and the ugly!


So I've read most of the posts related to this card but I wanted to add my understanding of this card. Except my version didn't quite fit anywhere ...

How do I see this card: "the good and the bad"

When I look at this card, I see an armed robbery scene on a convenience store from a movie City of Angels. An angel stands behind each participant and quietly whisper each to calm down. The people calm down and everyone parts alive. Many people shared their experiences here and found that temperance card represented that inner balance. I see it with a little twist - the invisible divine help/guidance was present. It created that balance/temperance through calmness and tolerance for a greater purpose!
But before heading into the greater purposes lets ask ourselves this: What would happen if instead of an angel, a devil whispered in ones ears? this scene in City of Angels could have turned out quite differently. The dash of 'i hate you', 'he is lying', 'she is cheating', 'he doesn't love me'... and the circumstances of specific event will spiral us into complete different direction.
So when I see temperance in a reading, I always ask why it is card appearing here? What are the angels are up to today? Where are they leading me today in this particular situation? What have they prepared me for?

And here is the ugly part to why and the meaning of greater purpose?
I see the Temperance angel same as the angel that stands between a man and a woman in the Lovers card. I see him as the one who keeps people on chains in the Devil card. The good angel does things for good and the bad angel that does things for evil purposes. Each does its job! The beautiful job by creating just enough balance within each person so that when they gaze into each others eyes they can feel the meaning of word destined. The not so nice job - making you lose your keys to your house because you were too preoccupied with emotional garbage happening at work, knocked at the door of the neighbor and found your other half. The ugly job - missing a train to work only to find out there was a train rack moment later where by miracle you not making on it meant your survival.

The temperance is the angel (the good and the bad) that did all the events prior to something happening. It prepared the emotional scene per say. The rest is up to us to pick where we go from there.

just my 2 cents