Tempting Temptations


We have all been tempted at one point in our lives or another, and of course one thing we can count on is being tempted again by something else. Our lives will always be filled with temptation, whether it is a good temptation or a bad temptation. This spread is designed to explore the temptations in your life.


1. Smelling the sweet scent of allure in the air, you follow your nose to your ultimate temptation.

2. Trying as hard as you can, this is why you don't think you can resist its charms.

3. You know you shouldn't indulge, but you don't know if you can hold back. How this temptation will help or hinder you.

4. You look deep within yourself to further explore your temptation. This is advice you need to keep in mind in light of this temptation.

5. Forever chained to excess, this is how the temptation will effect you in the long run if you indulge.