Terrible Spiritual Crime



A crime like this is unthinkable. I can only assume this to be the work of those who seek to oppress any kind of spirituality other than their own. What has actually happened, however, is that now, something which until now only a few thousand people may have been aware of, is being read about and learned from all over the world.

I am at a loss to know how anyone can justify such an attack, my heart goes out to those who were caretakers of the little white buffalo.

Please spare a thought for our NA Lakota brothers and sisters in their time of loss. This killing is, for the Lakota, akin to Mother Theresa being raped and murdered for Catholics.


Heartbreaking atrocity!


This is heartbreaking, and I can only hope that the culprits are found out and brought to justice. I will hold this hope in my heart and prayers as well as for these beautiful animals and all who mourn their deaths. a terrible tragedy.

Little Hare

I am literally speechless!


The only good thing I can see coming from this is the wider recognition that this may receive now that concerned people on the net will be sharing the story. Please share the story.

If that little white calf and the hopes of the Lakota nation that went with it had to die - lets ensure that they died for a reason. What could have been a local phenomenon known only to those in Texas could now become Global news.

If the Pope had been shot or the Dalai Lama poisoned - the world would know about this, yet because the Lakota hold an animal up as sacred, somehow that isn't as important.

I can only hope that the wider repurcussions of this horrific act bring beneficial attention to the beliefs of the Lakota.


It is sad to read this story. I'm glad to know that people are taking it seriously. I really don't know what to say.