Testing: coming soon with a deck idea


This deck has been years in the making and I don't have any images yet. I have been afraid to commit to the idea! It will be photography. I plan to use ball-jointed resin dolls (anime 3D) and props and so on to illustrate the cards. It would be easier to do just the Majors but I really want to do the entire deck. This is not an easy proposition! I'm in the midst of getting together another professional site (I had one years ago that slipped through the cracks, unfortunately). I'll be posting my work there. I may post here but I'm not sure yet. Opinions please?


well, imo whatever idea you have it's wort a try!:)) give it a shot, make few img, post it here and on other places where you can get feedback and see what people like/not about it, and even if you don't complete it, experimenting with different things you are always to learns something new that will help develop your skill further!^^ and that will help in the future!^^ so keep up with good work!^^ lolz :))


I do agree with reall. Posting some of your creations would allow you to let others share their opinion with you.
Well maybe through a private thread, though, as not too many people could see it and possibly steal the idea from you (I know, I'm pathetically paranoid but I regard it as being careful :cool5: ).
Might your work succeed and be blessed ! I'll look forward to admiring it when it's ready. :thumbsup:


Oh my yes, paranoia!! I'm right there with you! I'm going to use watermarks of course. One thing about this idea is that it's pretty much theft-proof, being so complicated and just darn expensive that I really highly doubt it would be stolen. It sure would take time and effort, not to mention cash, to put the images together, just like for me! Thanks so much for the comments, very good advice. For now I think I'll provide a link through my website, which when it's up and running I will be sharing here. Whatever they may say about this being a "safe and supportive environment," I have found it to be a real popularity contest that not everyone can win. I'll certainly do my very best with this deck.

Just to mention an idea, I believe that I'm going to go borderless with the images; people aren't wild for borders I have observed, and photography would be well-served this way too.