Thank you!


I just want to thank this board for all it's help. I am in progress of designing a Tarot deck and at the point where I need to decide if I am going to have the deck published or hire a printer for me. I have found a lot of help on the net, but NOTHING compares to what I have found here. Thank you once again and keep up the amazing resources that you have provided!

- This is where I put in my cheap plug for my deck.....




Very, very nice. I don't usually like photographic decks but yours is really well done. Dark and atmospheric ..........nice.

What are your plans for the pip cards?


Sulis xx


thank you.

i already have the pip cards done for the swords and the wands, the rest are on their way. hopefully within the next couple/few weeks they will be all done. i want the deck finished within the next couple months to start the publishing process. (which i'm sure will be a pain in the ass).


Welcome CornealEdema!

Isn't this place the best?
Like you, I have found a wealth of wonderful information on what to think about and what to do when the time comes for printing and publishing.

The deck you have so far is really incredible!

The High Priestess is marvelous, the Hierophant is inspired...and I am really really impressed by the image of the Hanged Man.

It's deep and dark and being lost in the woods as the sun is just going down. I love the atmosphere, the sepia colors and the beautiful etherial-ness of the imagery.

It has to be one of the most interesting photographic decks I have ever seen.

Really fabulous work.


Sorry, I hadn't noticed the Swords and Wands suits. Now I've seen those I like it all the more.

Why have you called it the Corneal Edema deck though - not the most attractive name for a deck I've ever heard (just my opinion mind ;) ). I think some folk may find that name a bit offputting.


Sulis xx

Little Baron

Very interesting! Devil is great, and love the High Priestess.

Maybe it is just me, but I quite like the name. Has a dark and mysterious feel to it. Sounds quite spohisticated. Where does it come from?

Best wishes and good luck with the rest of the cards.



It's very well done, nice work. I have mixed feelings about photographic decks too, but it's good to see this one. Please keep us updated on progress, and all best wishes with it.


really nice work, and really nice website!!!!
What a wonderful mix of crossing talents!
I did not find the High P, but I was really impressed with the Magician...
I also wasn't convinced your work is macabric till I saw the Hanged Man, and some other work on your site... Oh, yea!

good luck with it, looks real promising.
"Have the deck published or hire a printer", this is a sentence that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface!!


This could very well end up on my Must Have deck list......I think the atmosphere is quite mysterious and it evokes an eerie feeling in me, that I quite enjoy......hehehe

Keep us posted!!!!


well done on the website (bridesmaid here).... this is fantastic!!!