That 'ol Ferret Tarot..nearing completion


I've had burnout part of the summer on some of the cards--but I forced myself to get back in the saddle & take a stab at the ones that were giving me trouble yet.

Hurray! I actually got 3 solid pencil sketches down last night (only took four hours...) and a potential replacement for one of the others that I wasn't as fond of, so I count that as forward progress. That leaves 3 cards left to do and one other to replace one I didn't like the image of yet. Then maybe a meeting with the printer can get going.

The Knight of Swords was my best, I've got him in a homemade flying machine up in the air, all feathers/leather/metal having a grand old time (goggles on even) while another watches wide-eyed from the ground.

The Page of Swords was simpler, it's the 'runs with scissors' card and sometimes those kind of kids can tick people off. This one shows a soaking wet ferret who's been water ballooned (with 4 more being lobbed at him in the card). I think it works. I think. Give me time.

And I have to thank Disney for the 8 of Pentacles. I was wracking my brain trying to figure how to show a ferret in the middle of a 'total attention learning experience' and as an apprentice.'s different enough from the Mickey Mouse scene from the Sorcerer's Apprentice though, so Disney's lawyers won't be upset. This is a young ferret (with wizard cap) giving his all with a book of knowledge & his wand (sparkles are growing around him) while in the background the wizard ferret has this horrible NO-NO-NOOO! being screamed as he runs to stop whatever the apprentice is 100% engaged on doing from those pages. They don't wear clothes other than the hats (I tried to keep them ferrety ferrets, not going too far into cartoon).

It's just that damned 10 of Cups that's got me stymied! And a few others.

Anyway, they're getting inked in tonight, and maybe I'll get enough inspiration to get pencil roughs out on the rest of the cards.


What ever it takes to get this deck I want one.
My b/f has a tattoo of his (now passed) ferret "Dementia"
I think he would really understand & love your deck.


I like it a lot. It's really coming out well. Maybe there aren't enough decks with a sense of humour?
This is really nice Hudson - you've managed to get humour but enough seriousness to read with. It's going to be a good one.

Please let us know when it's ready. Glad it's going so well now.


this sounds great - do you have an scans of cards? love to see them.. :eek:)


lunalafey said:
My b/f has a tattoo of his (now passed) ferret "Dementia"
I think he would really understand & love your deck.
Heyyyyyyy that is so cool! I seriously considered getting a tattoo done to remember my beloved ferret, Poo (the best ferret god ever made) who died about 12 years ago. I've never heard of anyone else doing so, and although I didn't get one I thought it was wonderful to hear of someone else who did!

HudsonGray, keep the deck coming. I still want one!!!

Major Tom

I do know what it's like to hit a blank spot. ;)

Glad to hear you're working on these again and that it's going well. :)

Should we tell everyone The Ferret Tarot is featuring in the Tarot Lovers' Calendar 2004? :laugh:


Yep, yep, yep! It's in the calendar due out the end of this month guys! Well, at least two cards are.

There's a selection of cards over at the picturetrail site, to see if you haven't caught a look yet --

The first image that comes up is the border & font style we're going with. I'm really pushing for either the end of this month, or within a week or two after that, to have decks available.


They're wonderful, HG! I absolutely LOVE the 5 of Swords! A ferret with an attitude! ( there such a thing as a ferret without an attitude? Probably not...) ;)

Keep up the good work! I can't wait to see the completed deck!




There is just something so "gut level" to this one...
It makes me be REALLY interested...

and you are FAAAAST!!!!!
keep up the magical spirit!


Lovely deck, HudsonGray! :) Most impressive.

Why are there three Coins in the Two of Coins?