The 13th Moon


Full Moon Friday 31st August, the 13th Moon.

I was wondering if any of you have any lore or traditions gathered (or created yourself) around this moon that you might share here.

Some people call it a Blue Moon. I reserve that name for the 3rd moon of a season that has 4 moons in it. This moon, I have tended to call the 'Witches' Moon', as Fiona Walker-Craven does in her book, but lately I've been thinking of calling it the 'Nameless Moon'. It seems evocative. A good time for pondering mysteries.

I've done a little clicking around online and found these tidbits:

Some covens only initiate during a 13th moon.

One site suggests the 13th moon is a good time to honour the wisdom of the goddess, the new moon being Maiden, quarter moon Mother, and full moon Crone. That is a lovely idea, and I rather like the notion of calling it a 'Crone Moon' (the idea popped in my head while reading).

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft suggests calling it the 'Wine Moon' as it is a luxurious gift.

Why is the 13th moon an oddity? At what point did the calendar change to cause the anomaly of two moons in the same calendar month? Was it the Gregorian calendar or earlier? Can anyone shed any light?


No thoughts on the 13th moon, then?


Two of my friends and I have been asking this question of each other for the past 2 weeks. You found much more info than we did, Carla. All we could find is it's just someway more "powerful" than a regular full moon. Also that, if you are a spell-casting person, it would be the time to cast a spell for a once in a lifetime thing. Such as, you only do this once in a "blue moon"... seems so cliché, but sort of fits.

I'd def be interested in hearing what other people do or have found, and passing it along to my friends.


I found another bit. The Complete Illustrated Guide to Witchcraft and Practical Magic says that a blue moon signifies a doubling of the moon's power, and that while some consider it unlucky, others see it as a time to set long-term objectives. 'A blue moon can be used to sow seeds for your future, giving them time to germinate and grow until the next blue moon. But you should be careful if you intend to weave magic during a blue moon. Be very clear about what you ask for, because this moon will be potent, doubling your wish and intent.'

The blue moon occurs roughly every 2 years. Someone here could probably tell a more exact timing than that.

I read on one site (forgot to write down reference) that a blue moon is called a 'Goal Moon' and relates a ritual like described above, in which you cast a spell for something and put it in a jar you've decorated with blue stuff, and keep it on your altar until the next blue moon. That doesn't float my boat so much, but some people might like it. (I don't like my workings being like a primary school art project with glitter and glue, but that's just me).