the &#39Firelite Fortune Teller&#39 ???


Just found this great silly thing in 'Restoration Hardware' of all things! It's a set of stickers you apply to an old deck of playing cards to 'tell your fortune the way the gypsies do- with cards'. There is a set of stickers for upright and reversed cards. It even includes an explanation of 'How To Tell Fortunes'. Very hokey to the 'nth' degree. WARNING: the reversed Ace of Spades declares 'Death of a friend'. This is strictly for parlour ha-has at best- most of the stickers sound like rejects from a grade 'B' fortune cookie factory. {What you you expect for $2.99?} :-D


Tarot cards must be on somebody's "In" list if you found those "shabby-chic" Fortune Teller stickers in Restoration Hardware. I don't know if I'm quite comfortable with that. Do we really want to see framed Tarot cards as wall decorations on the pages of Metropolitan Home? Do we want Martha Stewart telling us that knitting a bag for your cards from your old ski sweaters is a "Good Thing?"
(Of course you all know I subscribe to Martha Stewart Living...don't tell anyone! ;P )

Peace to all,


Aw now see? You totally spoiled my new bedroom theme! I was gonna frame some cards and put them next to my giant velvet elvis! Spoil sport.... pplltt! ;)

Rhiannon :)


Sorry for a second post but the next big deck just HAS to be Elvis... 2 funny. Who would be the fat Elvis and who would be the skinny one? How about Priscilla as the Empress? Or Lisa and Michael as the Lovers? Or Liz Taylor as the High Priestess!

Rhiannon (trying to regain composure) :)


Pleeeeeeeese, Rhiannon - I hope you didn't give anybody any ideas to actually market such a horrendous deck - but since Elvis went through so many different changes and styles, he could be any number of different cards.


...or all of them! (chuckles)


Tarotbear, I want a set of those stickers! And also a few magic 8 balls to go with it! Now they make magic 8 balls for every occasion , like the dating scene,and your school day. I know 'cuz I saw them in K mart.


Well, if you saw them in K-Mart then they MUST be the new "IN" thing. By the way, did they have plaid ones in the Martha Stewart Every Day collection? You know, so you can get a hunter green and pink plaid ball to match your lawn chairs?

As far as the Elvis deck goes, I think that they should use glittered belt buckles as Pentagrams, a microphone stand as swords,
a fried chicken leg as wands, and one of those ADORABLE Elvis beer steins as cups! :-D :-D :-D


I'm sure some of you have seen those greeting cards with a little button you push to hear a tune, like Happy Birthday.
Well on each of the Elvis Tarot Cards, there could be a little button which would play a few notes of an appropriate Elvis song. We might be on to something here, folks.


We have to work out a way to incorporate fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches in there somewhere. Can't forget the sandwiches. And the hips too!

Maybe we can use the Johnny Bravo cartoon too, maybe as the devil since he's an impostor. Hmmm so many possibilities.

I have a Magic 8 ball that's in the shape of Yoda. He's my magic 8 Yoda. Got him from KFC when they were promoting the re-release of the Star Wars movies. He's on my desk at work. 2 kewl.

Rhiannon :)