the Aeclectic Creators Ring


I revamped the webring, I think the pictures look better now. Anyone else want to join, let me know.


All I have to say is it looks great! Thank you for your efforts!

I hope your Simple Tarot is selling well.

(and what does the 'tk' in '' mean? Is it a country code for Netherlands?)


I say


The webring looks very nice! I really like the cards shown.

I'd better get craking on my cards!!
I'm going through a nightmare as my computer is slowly dying on me. I can't save or open files.


Major Tom

I just thought we could post an open invitation for Marie to join the webring. })


You have done a *GREAT* job Willie - well done!

And the summary that you have included for my decks are fine. :D




The new name has got me into trouble with Solandia. Turns out she owns the word 'Aeclectic'. So I changed it to Tarot creators Webring. Just in case you were wondering why.


Oh! Fair enough, didn't realise it worked that way... :)


Nice job! This is one page I'll be visiting to check for updates. Cute, bright Strength by the way, WillieHewes :) How is your Simple Tarot doing?


Kayne!!! GREAT deck! Love the colours and the modernistic lettering. You should be at the top of the class in your graphic design course. I think the Psychologist should be "Talk Show Host(ess)" instead - she looks the part! :D


Thanks Demonese. :D
I really need to continue working on them... I really want the Majors done by Christmas. :)