The Aeon Card I created


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This is The Aeon card I designed. It didn't start out as that but it went that way. Since the Major Arcana can be cyclical, it would follow that the next card could be the Fool again. He too would be blindfolded, but standing on the edge as opposed to reclining.


Oh my, that's pretty. And complex. Are you doing an entire deck like this? And if so do we get to see them? :D I don't know how you've caught my attention this strongly, normally I'm not fond of bright colors, but these are interesting colors. Very active. Thank you for sharing this card!


Well, this took me a week. Hopefully, I won't lose momentum before attempting the next one. I don't have anymore like these. Also, this realized itself as the Aeon halfway through production which means I'm not sure which card the next one will be. I know if I try to enforce a particular order, the result might be a little stiff, so we'll see. Your guess is as good as mine. Thanks for the feedback!

Faerie Lin

Very trippy!!! Makes me want to look at in under a blacklight!! Pretty cool!



That is really awesome! I can tell you really put some soul into the card. How big is the original and what medium are you using? I can't wait to see the rest.