The "Archangel Michael" Spread - 9 Cards


Hi, everyone! I have been such as seeker. I spend many hours in this forum and have used many of the Spreads for myself and clients, alike. I feel it is only right to "give back" in hopes of this Spread helping someone.

I have always wanted to create a Spread; random on-the-spot throws don't count. :) So I sat down and decided to use Cards as my inspiration! I chose the Card "Archangel Michael" from the Angel Therapy Oracle Card Deck by Doreen Virtue as my muse.

This Spread can be used Tarot and some Oracles. More specific Oracles may also work, but may take some "Reading into" to get to the "meat" of the Card interpretations. :) This Spread can be used to focus on a specific situation or area of your life. You can also use it as a general Reading to see what the Cards have to say. For Readers that like to use a general Spread to start off a Reading, this can be a good one to immediately get to an issue or concern and help empower the Querents right from the start.

Feel free to use this Spread. If you post any Readings in the forum using it, please let me know as I would love to see! If it is in "Your Readings" I would also love to help provide possible interpretations! :) If you post this elsewhere, please link back to this thread. :) I hope to include this Spread in a book I am writing, so please let me know what you think! :)

I present to you...

The "Archangel Michael" Spread


The shape is meant to look like a sword. The 8th Card crosses the 1st Card. After many considerations to change this, I felt it was best to keep it there as that is the Card that can bring you right back to the 1st Card.

1: What you fear. (What is holding you back.)
2: Why you have this fear. (Why this is holding you back.)
3: How to overcome this fear. (How to overcome this blockage.)
4: How you are protected. (What is pushing you forward.)
5: What you need to be courageous about. (What you need to face head-on.)
6: How you can move forward fearlessly. (What your best action step is to overcome this blockage.)
7: What to focus on right now. (Your Purpose.)
8: What to watch out for that may cause you to re-develop this fear. (Obstacles that may cause a blockage.)
9: Next step to take. (Advice.)

If you use a Shadow Card, I would advise placing the stack of Cards to the left of the 4th Card. If you use a Significator Card, I would advise placing it below the 1st Card. :)

healing happiness

hi, thank you for sharing and posting this spread. im new to the tarot so im probably punching above my weight trying to do this but ive given it a go as i felt i came across this just at the right time as i am having problems in a certain area of my life concerning my partner. i am using the original rider waite tarot deck as these are the only cards i own other than the Archangel Michael oracle cards Deck by Doreen Virtue which ive recently brought and was why your spread caught my eye as i thought it was about them. anyway ive just layed the cards out heres what i got-
queen of swords
queen of wands
3 of wands
the tower
7 of swords
8 of wands
wheel of fortune
6 of pentacles
page of cups
i am now going to go read up on them and attempt to interpret what they say.


Thank you for this spread! I just used it for a reading regarding a creative project I'm doing (a tarot deck, actually) and my creative state in general, and it produced some VERY interesting results.

The process of intuitively reading the spread even before consulting references was nice and clear, better than with some other more standard spreads I've tried. And the visual 'gesture' of the sword works for me. Adding this one to my repertoire! :)

liberated inferno

Great spread!! I'm looking forward to trying it out :)

Rusty Woehrle

What's a shadow card?


Shadow card is a card that will prove deeper insight into the question. It can reveal hidden or unconscious motives. It can be taken from the bottom of the deck as the last card in a reading or it can have a place of its own in a spread.
Some people check the bottom card in every reading and others (like me) rarely use it. You can read more about Shadow cards in Using Tarot Cards (you can try doing a search with ´shadow´)


love this spread, seems to fit perfectly in my life currently, in what I want more wisdom on! definitely going to give this a go :) :thumbsup:

Owl Tarot

Really nice spread there, with a great reading purpose to it focusing on the querent as it needs to and giving him the sword he might need to pursue his life. I think I am going to use it!


The Arch-Angel

Very useful spread. Active and thought-provoking, with a great visual representation.


What an excellent spread!!! I plan on using it later tonight just to see what I come up with. I love the sword shape as well. It's very symbolic.