The Art of the Robin Wood Tarot


Hey everyone,

I was just posting to ask if anyone knew what media Robin Wood used for her deck? And also, if anyone could give me any advice for mimicing that style of art?

I'm really attracted to that style of art, and want to mimic it for my own deck, that I'm beginning work on. (A Thai Tarot deck, using Thai culutral motifs on the cards.)

Um...because this is a rather short post...and a bit pointless I do admit...I think I'll talk about my (ideas for) a deck.

Basically, it's going to be based on Thai culture. For example, my Ace of Cups will be a kratong, a lotus-shaped vessell filled with flowers and coins, candles and incense. During the Loi Kratong festival, these cups are lit and floated out upon the lakes, rivers,and other waterways of Thailand, in respect for the goddess of water for her fertility and bounty. People make wishes on the kratong as they float out into the darkness and hope that their wishes will be granted.

I'm changing pentacles into fruit for my deck...the bounty of the earth and what-not. For my 8 of Pentacles, I'll depict the Thai art of carving fruit into magnificent floral act that requires much skill, diligence, and effort...a refreshing change to the man diligently working on his pentacle on the Rider-Waite deck, if I do say so myself. :)

Thanks for any feedback.


horoskope88 said:
Hey everyone,

I was just posting to ask if anyone knew what media Robin Wood used for her deck?

Hi Horoskope88,

I believe Robin used Prismacolor pencils.


You can visit Robin Wood's website by clicking here.



Yes, color pencil. Likely Prismacolor since they're smooth going on, don't have those hard bits in them that scratches the drawing, and are intensly color toned. The Mary Hanson Roberts deck is done the same way, only she uses a lighter touch so you see the strokes.