The Artist's Way Spread


This spread is based on Julia Cameron's book, The Artist's Way.

The Artist's Way is a twelve-week course aimed at unblocking one's creativity. Each card pertains to a corresponding week/topic focus in the book, and this spread may prove to be a useful companion to those who plan to go through the book.

I also think that the spread may help summarize the book quite well, and provide a pictorial insight at a glance, and may prove useful to blocked artists who may not be familiar with Cameron's book. It is important to note that while the author Julia Cameron believes in the Tarot, The Artist's Way is not about the Tarot.

The spread is aimed to answer these possible questions from your querent:
1.) How can I unblock my creativity?
2.) I feel stymied in my art? Help!
3.) How can I be more creative?
4.) I'm taking The Artist's Way course. What does the Tarot want to say to me throughout this journey?

This is the spread layout.

1 To enable you to explore your creativity with less fear, you may need to feel safe--from others or from yourself. This card will give you insight as to how to best establish a sense of safety. What affirmation can I use to feel safer? (Affirmations suggested below.)

2 This card will help move you into your personal identity, a self-defined you. It can shed light on this issue: What doubts (or persons around me) must I guard myself from so that new territories/interests/needs/desires can announce themselves?

3 What are my secret shames? What have other people said to me that caused me accept a limited view of life? How can I use my strong emotions (like anger) as fuel for art?

4 How do I really feel? What do I really want? This card points to positive action that will align you towards your truth. It may also show what you need to withdraw from temporarily so you can spend more time on your art.

5 What self-imposed limits do I need to crumble? What self-destructive habits do I cling on to? Dismantling these favorite creative blocks can lead to a sense of limitless possibility.

6 What is my attitude toward money? Where do I think my financial support comes from? Do I truly believe the Universe supports me?

7 What is my inner artist telling me now that I have not paid attention to? Is the still, small voice showing me what insidious beliefs or emotions keep me from taking creative risks for my art?

8 Are there past criticisms that still haunt, sting, and pain me? What small, gentle actions can I do at this time to heal and move on?

9 What are my unacknowledged fears and resentments? Here is the chance to gently admit them, love yourself, and make one positive action towards creating art.

10 What crutches (alcohol, sex, drugs, workaholism, money, food) should I give up for my own health? What changes do I need to make to guard against these?

11 What behaviors/beliefs nurture and strengthen my creativity? What activities may be poised to sabotage these, and therefore should be avoided?

12 What can lead me to trust the Universe more with flourishing my creativity?


Affirmations for the Tarot

Each card can be used as an affirmation. An affirmation is a statement of positive belief. Affirmations are a powerful way to counteract negative programming.

As an option for The Artist's Way Spread, you may get the remaining Major Arcana from your deck and have your querent select one. Put this Major Arcana in the center of the spread and use as a springboard for an affirmation.

Some suggested affirmations

Fool ... "I trust in the Universe to keep me safe."

Magician ... "I am empowered to manifest my vision. As my intentions and actions align, real magic occurs!"

High Priestess... "I trust my inner wisdom. I trust my intuition. As I meditate in silence, the answers I seek are found within myself."

Empress... "Abundance nurtures me to manifest my creative vision."

Emperor... "Structure and stability are guideposts I can rely on."

Hierophant... "I tune in to my higher calling. I discard old, tired beliefs and replace them with more positive, empowering ones."

Lovers... "My head and heart are attuned. The choices I make are true to my heart's desire."

Chariot... "I take control of my life. I am focused on my goal. I use my time and resources wisely."

Strength... "I connect to my deep inner strength. I harness the wild power of my creativity within. I strengthen my body through regular exercise."

Hermit... "I feel comfortable spending time alone. I love myself. It is all right to take some time and space for solitude."

Wheel of Fortune... "I embrace change. I respond positively to change. I am centered within myself."

Justice... "Everything falls into place as it is meant to be. I embrace truth. I am balanced and centred."

Hanged Man... "I am patient. I am able to see situations from a different angle. I let go of the old and unusable perspectives."

Death... "I am transforming into a better version of myself. The caterpillar becomes a butterfly. I choose to end what no longer works for me."

Temperance... "I am able to find balance. I am able to accept a compromise when necessary, without losing my integrity. I am able to adjust and adapt to everyday changes."

Devil... "I let go of attachments. I break free from restrictions and limitations. I am able to indulge in a little fun."

Tower... "In the midst of chaos, I am able to find brand new ways of living and thinking. I am calm in the midst of turbulence. I accept change and the lessons it can give me."

Star... "I am guided. I am healing. I am cared for. I'm a star."

Moon... "I pay attention to dreams and intuition. I am able to calmly face my fears."

Sun... "I am expressive. I am open, playful, enthusiastic. I am brilliant and warm. I am generous. I celebrate and cherish my inner child."

Judgment... "I am honest with myself. I am tuned in to my higher calling. I pay attention to promptings from within. I am able to transition with ease and grace. I am grateful for the lessons from my past."

World... "I am whole. I celebrate victories and acknowledge triumphs. I have rich creative gifts to offer the world."


wow this is just what i needed and seems to hit the spot for what exactly i seem to be wanting to ask thank you for this post!