The "Ascended Masters" Spread - 5 Cards


Hi, everyone! This Spread focuses on Ascended Masters and which one (or ones) is/are around you and their words of wisdom.

So I'm on a roll tonight with creating Spreads and decided to use Cards as my inspiration! I chose the Card "Ascended Masters" from the Angel Therapy Oracle Card Deck by Doreen Virtue as my muse.

This Spread can be used with Tarot and Oracles. It would be interesting to use a Deck that has Ascended Masters in it for the Reading or just as a simple One-Card pull in addition to this Spread.

Feel free to use this Spread. If you post any Readings in the forum using it, please let me know as I would love to see! If it is in "Your Readings" I would also love to help provide possible interpretations! If you post this elsewhere, please link back to this thread. I hope to include this Spread in a book I am writing, so please let me know what you think!

I present to you...

The "Ascended Masters" Spread


1: Which Ascended Master is working closely with me right now?
2: What do they want me to know?
3: What will they teach me?
4: What do they want me to focus on?
5: What advice do they have for me?

If you use a Shadow Card, I would advise placing the stack of Cards below the 4th Card. If you use a Significator Card, I would advise placing it below the 1st Card.