the 'Atlantean Tarot' - triangular format


I ran across this while fishing the wide and changeable ocean of the internet:

Since I didn't spot it in the Aeclectic lists, and it didn't come up in the search, I thought I'd place it here, and see what sort of comment it got. It seems to float somewhere between tarot decks and oracle decks.


to me the colors are almost to bold...on top of very simple which is fine for some. But i definately would nto call it tarot. thats just me tho. I dont think i could ever read with or tarot.


I've been staring at that deck for the last ten minutes, trying to work out what cards are supposed to corespond to the traditional Tarot cards... I can see a couple, but the rest are impossible or a stretch...

The only thing I can think about now is... 'What on Earth....?!'



Bizarre! The artist seems to show, shall we say, an intriguingly "full" knowledge of medical anatomy. I'm not sure that's really to our advantage. Symbolic perhaps... but sometimes a little mystery? ;)



These images are dizzying and exciting. I may have found my first tattoo.

A suite of Aliens!

(I may have to propose the X Files tarot to someone now)