the blank card?


Hi, i purchased the oracle a few weeks ago and today while i was doing a spread for my mom I got the "blank" card share scans of the images you draw on it?

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About the blank card

Hello Earthdance:

I will share my Faery Guide card with you, (in text, no scanner).

You really need to know that no matter if you viewed over 100 different ones from 100 people's personal deck, it would make no difference. Why? Because this is intended to be highly personal. It is your's!

You need to meditate on it and ask for meeting your fae or faes. If you can't draw, you can use a symbol or even write a word on the card to bring about the meaning of the guide you have.

Also go to this site and read about seeing faes.

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My Guide

Until six days ago, I kept my Faery Guide card very personal, in meaning not sharing what is on it with others. I recently did a reading where my Fae came up for this individual, as your's did for your mother. this is the link to that reading and is from the group of Faery Oracle. I cut out the part having to do with the reading itself and keeping only what deals directly for all the time with my guide card. By the way this Yahoo Group is great! Here is about my Fae Guide:

#0, Faery Guide. Okay this is my Guide. I held off on putting anything on this card for a long time and wanted to know
that I was being directed to place whatever I was going to without doubt that it was as should be. I have a symbol on the card representive of various faes that I know would have to hold to character as for my Guide(s). So as a single one name there isn't one on the card.

Here is some from my "Fae Following" journal:
Faery Guide - symbolizes truth/self truth, aspirations, desires,
spirituality, and mostly about knowing my inner person. To thy own self be true. Being in sync with the Universe and my life's path." Think of it as the Universe's jigsaw puzzle.

Now I have to share with you a little about the image on the card. It is of a real item I own and have had for maybe 16 plus years. I made a replica of it on the card. For most of these years I have had the metal peice on my keychain. It is a wide, gold heart, with a very celtic look to it. There is two lilys one on each side of the heart, they join at the bottom of their stems, fanning out at the top roundings of the heart. The center of the heart at the lower portion where they join is a long stemmed thing and it flows upper to be like a cup, a fan, a crown, hard to say really. Then from that a kind of inner heart and a frontal peice branching outward also a somewhat heart-type shape that reaches touching at the edge of each lily connecting the two.