The bonefire has landed


This so sucks (for me!) I kept meaning to get to it when I had funds, and now I will have to buy it from Shiffer instead <:mad:>

But it is awesome for you, Wooden-Eye, and I am ever so proud of you, and so very :party: about it, for you :) Congrats on your huge success! And maybe I can get an original copy in the trade threads...



Thank you!

.......That's all folks........


No more orders please.

Massive thanks to everyone who got their orders in this week, I have a deck for everyone and invoices will be issued today.

Thankyou and goodnight.

Just woken up and eagerly checked my email for an invoice. All paid, thank you Gabi!


This is the best tarot deck in the world [to me] and i am so proud of
our Gabi! :heart:

i cherish my 2 decks...:love: i have never loved a tarot deck quite this much...[not even my beloved GreenWood....((((gasp)))]
It just speaks to me at a very deep soul level and i can feel my very bones burst forth with a blossoming Divine "BoneFire" is a very apt name for this gorgeous deck!

Clockwork Ghost

All paid :) So looking forward to receiving this deck and getting a chance to use it for readings :)


Congratulations Gabi!! On selling out all of your decks as well as getting a publisher to pick it up!!

I am bummed that I was financially unable to get another of your self published decks before they sold out. My dog ate several of the cards as well as the bag from my beloved Bonefire. The deck is unusable at this time. I will wait for the Schiffer deck to come out. I hope it will be to the same standards as your deck though, but the bonus is that it will be available to more people and most likely for a lesser price (not that your price was too high).

Your card stock was awesome, your matte finish was to die for, and the size was just right. My fingers are crossed hoping that the publisher does right by your amazing deck and vision.


My Bonefire arrived today. I had been on the fence for a long time, but knowing that Gabi's printing with the nice cardstock was about to be sold out gave me the final prod, and just in time --I got one of the very last ones.

And I'm so happy I did. :thumbsup:



Mine arrived today too! It's bloody gorgeous, I love it. The card stock is amazing, the size is easier for me to shuffle and the artwork is stunning. I cannot wait to get to work with this little beauty, I am so happy I managed to get a copy!

A bog double thumbs up from me. :)


Mine also arrived today. I love the size, and the cardstock and colors are fantastic. I'm very glad I decided to purchase one before she sold out! :)