The bonefire has landed


Mine came today too! I won't have time to look at it tonight :( Too many flaming torches in the air, but tomorrow should be a much calmer day - but I wanted to let wooden-eye and the US buyers my copy arrived in Washington State. :D


This deck turned out so nicely! I can't believe it's already in print! It's such a nice deck :) Great job wooden-eye!


Staring out the window, hoping Joyce [our postie] will have a special package from Oz for me...:)


Fingers crossed for you moon gypsy!! Seems like they're touching down across the globe now (and I wasnt in the first batch) so can't be too much longer :)


Fingers crossed for you moon gypsy!! Seems like they're touching down across the globe now (and I wasnt in the first batch) so can't be too much longer :)

Awwww, thanks FireHermit! :* Unfortunately, though...Postie Joyce had no packages for me today...

tomorrow is another day...:)


MG, your decks have to arrive tomorrow cause mine arrived today in California.

Not enough sleep the last two days so all I can muster excitement for right now is going to bed. Initial reactions:

Lovely deck.
Much prefer the handwritten titles in the image than the printed titles under the image.
Lovely stock that seems to shuffle nicely.
Favorite card is the Queen Wands who, under the right circumstances, could very easily double as the Drag Queen Wands. ;)


tarot heart

I received mine yesterday but just had a chance to check them out today. They really are a superb set of cards wooden-eye. The colors are so eye-catching and vivid. The images so appealing. I can't wait to start reading with them.

The cardstock is sturdy but not thick. I am especially loving the dark blue shades on these cards. So much nicer than black and a great contrast to the rest of the colors used. You really produced an A+ deck here, congratulations!!! :)

Oh! Oh! And the bag you made! I really love felt bags and the way you patterned it is so simple yet so elegant. The deck fits like a glove, just love it!!!!


Hi wooden-eye

I've sent you a PM

I would like to order this. Can you please confirm if its ok to order via your website?

Thanks :)

strings of life

My deck is here [at work].


I just opened up the outer packaging and...

Love, love, love the presentation: the hand stitched fleece/felt bag for the deck, the twine ribbon, and the hand-painted wooden tattoo heart tag. And the deck? Why, let me do that now.

< poof >

ETA: I can't wait to take these home tonight and spend some time going through all of the cards. The card stock is stellar, top notch! I wish every deck of mine felt like this. The size is perfect too: not too big, not too small. Coins instead of Pentacles in the Minors. Like others mentioned: love the handwritten LWB, the fade-out effect on the edges of the cards on the midnight blue card stock. And surprisingly, I like the printed titles on the cards in addition to the handwritten title in the art. Since there is a lot going on in the cards, it really helps. I could go on and on...:thumbsup:

Gabi, thank you so much for creating a deck like this, for taking a risk at self-publishing, and paying attention to small details like, finding a good printer, having a good home for the cards (in this case, a unique Tarot bag).

I followed your threads in Tarot Creation from start until finish, so to finally have these in my hands made my day.

Study Group [attempt] anyone?


MoonGypsy has started her Wednesday Postie Vigil...:p
If my good buddy, Aurarcana has received hers today...i am very hopeful
Mine is just around the corner...:)