The Book of Fate, a chapbook


I'm not sure this is a right place to post the news; moderators are kindly requested to replace this if found irrelevant.

I've just uploaded pdf file of a very rare chapbook titled "The Book of Fate, or the complete fortune teller" (Gainsborough, 1814). It discusses many branches of divination including cartomancy. A historical curiousity, perhaps.

Friends, enjoy!


More than a historical curiosity - thankyou!

To place it in context, this book appears not long after Etteilla's in French, in a milieu that recently saw both the War of Independence and France's revolution.

I have at times wondered whether such a milieu - certainly still at the forefront of people's consciousness in both English and French speaking countries, had consequences for a renewed interest and desire for security through the mantic arts given the social insecurity that was still being unravelled.


Thanks I download it so I can read it a bit later, unfortunately right now I'm sharing a pc...not a fun thing. ;)


Wow, roppo, fantastic find! Many thanks.



Thank you kindly, Roppo. I have now downloaded it as well. I may change my signature to "Peruse this Book and here you'll find the certain Fate of all Mankind." (I love that!)


I like the person whose fortune is to be learned, must be blindfolded at a table… and The four aces must be thrown out, as being the authors of bad luck, and certain Prognosticators of misfortune.


Determined of a positive and happy future am throwing out the tower, devil, moon is a bit dodgy, getting rid of the whole suit of swords while I am at it, goodbye death...


Domo arrigato, Roppo! What an interesting book!

le pendu

You, SIR, rock!

THANKS so much roppo, what a treasure.

Greatly appreciated.


What a gret curiosity. Thanks for the link. It will be interesting to read and attempt to understand.


Roppo - thank you so much for this. Very strange indeed!