The Dark Lady


I started a Newbie Study Thread and I asked the Faeries on behalf of all my Newbie friends if they would like to appoint a Guardian or Mascot for this new adventure? They mummbled and and debated ( I heard a little scuffling) and then they all said in unison " They sure are going to need a Guardian If you're there leader!" then alot of laughing. And the raspberry. :p
"Alright very funny." I said and then I pulled a card. The Dark Lady, her highness herself, the high priestess of the Mysteries has seen fit to be the Guardian of my group.

I think I know what this means but I'd love it if some of you would like to give me your interpretation of this card. Namaste

My Faeries they tease me alot but in the end they take such good care of me.


the dark lady means a lot of things to me, but perhaps in this case she is representing the inner depths of the mind and also possibly fear.

to work with the fae i believe that your mind has to be open a great deal, especially if you are 'seriously' working with them. sometimes the fae can be right in your face but the majority of the time i find that they are quite subtle in the imformation they give etc, so it helps to have an open mind that can realise these subtle things.

also, as you are starting a group for newbies, there are going to be built in fears and beliefs in each person. as they each develop undoubtably some of these are going to change. the dark lady to me can represent the depths of the unconscious, and the hidden 'dark' places of the mind and soul
perhaps the dark lady could be saying to your members that it's perfectly fine to believe in the fae, as some of them might be reluctant to share their belief with other less open minded ppl for fear of being seen as crazy?

she is of course the lady of mystery, which the world of the fae is shrouded in.

love and fae dust


Oh Lark....
I think you are an amazing teacher! Your group or Tarot Chicks is quite wonderful, both for the idea of growth, and also for the ability to tap into intuitions (whether individual or collective...)and I believe the Dark Lady is a highly appropriate guardian of this study.
I also like your take on fear, devan_faery...
I can already see that this group is, in some ways pushing everyone out of thier comfort zones and into trying something new(like learning...or teaching...or trying to break out of an old pattern!)
And to tap into mystery...yet try to put a spin on it, so that it is somewhat less mysterious...but in the end, finding no logical explaination as to WHY things occur , but just trusting that they do...well , I find that to be Her all over!

I would like to share with everyone my first encounter with her...

The Dark Lady came to me for the first time last week, slipping in through a velvet mist, and hanging around my dreams,when I found out that a good friend of mine had passed away suddenly from a freak accident.
I found a certain comfort in the darkness of those things that are unknowable, and unfathomable...but then in the next instant she pushed me out of that comfort zone, and made me try to put words to the secret thoughts , feelings , and fears, and make them understandable, if only to myself.

And once I thought I had definitions for things...and no longer questioned my beliefs...she reminded me that there are still some things that will always remain a mystery, because, if we knew everything we humans would no longer need to be here, and she would probably be out of a job.

Then she gave me that enigmatic smile and put me in the capable hands of the Lady of the Harvest, who has since directed me to the Oak Men.

Sorry if I rambled a bit...but the Dark Lady is pretty special, and I have a feeling she won't be making her presence known to me for a while...but i'm sure she will still be checking on me!


Chronata, I'm so sorry to here about your friend. It's at those times that the fearies come and lead us by the hand through the dark places. They are a comfort. We both picked The Dark Lady at the same time but for completely different reasons. And we both got an extra special insight from her. One that will make her spirit alive for us, whenever we see her.
Thank you for sharing that. I thought it was quite wonderful how she taught you what you needed and then she passed you on to the Lady of the Harvest to help you with the loss. And now the Oak Man to teach you the deep wisdom and lesson in all this. Blessing to you. And healing love to your heart.

Welcome devan_faery, Thank you to for your wisdom on the Dark Lady. I can tell you really know your Fearie's well. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Namaste


Ah..Thank You Lark...your words are always so sweet and kind...

I spent the entire week, housesitting for my husband's boss, and so I was alone much of the time, reflecting on all the mysteries, of Life and Death, and Fear, and Love, and why cats growl when they chase thier tails, and why someone who can't have sugar, has a lot of candy hidden in thier cupboards...

The Faeries, and the FO were there for me, as were all the wonderful folks here on Aeclectic.
I can't think of anything else (except having a furry purry kitty sleep on my stomach) that helped me find healing and grace in that week.



I dug up that thread which I remembered posting to in the past on She, the High Priestess of the Fae.

God I love the Dark Lady.

I pulled her just recently for a daily card. I was terribly pleased with that.

lark, you have such a connection to the Fae it's a gift to hear of. Thank you for your posts, they're a joy.

Chronata, my thoughts go out to you in this time.... :)


Alissa thank you for taking the time to dig up that thread. I really enjoyed reading it.
I feel like there's this special little group of people here who really love their Faerie's . And it is so comforting to know that I can come over here and post about my Faerie experiances. And find people who are accepting and interested in what I have to say. But most of all who understand the deep connection they make in your life. You almost can't help but talk about them. ( Mine pester me to pieces untill I do.) ;)


I know, my reply comes a bit late, but I think it's still ok. ;)
Lark, I see the card you pulled for newbies group a bit different. Of course, it may speak of mysteries and such, but in your context I see that there might be not much help from her. That's what I can say knowing her 'character' for a while. She will give you guidance only in case you fail to find it yourself, and as far as I see your journey with newbies this will not happen. I love every one of the Sidhe in a special way. And the Dark Lady is one of my favorites. She will stand beside you, but she will not do a thing until you fail. This way she gives a chance to you to learn from your experience.

The fact that you pulled the Dark Lady as a guardian speaks highly about you! It means that faeries trust you enough to let you do all teaching with the group yourself. ;)

Just another approach, I guess, another 2 cents. And good luck with your newbies group (I read about it in the forums)!! :)


Octopus you are never to late! I love when you pop in. Your peeks into the Faerie World are more than wonderful! You put into words so well what I have been feeling. The Dark Lady feels like she's just hoovering in the back ground. I catch a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye. I know she's there if I fall. And I feel the strenght of her intuition, her prophecy and magic.

I'm glad you think my picking her is a sign that the Faerie's trust me to carry on. That makes me feel very good. Namaste


Thank you, lark, for kind words. :)
And now, besides faeries, newbies trust you too. ;)
Good luck on your group once again!