The Different Deck


I've been trawling the web for fancy decks for awhile now, but one of my latest acquisitions is really different--in fact that's its name, as in the title of this thread. It's the standard 52 plus 2 jokers, and the usual suits, but the pips and courts are definitely different. Instead of an arrangement of pips and the usual court pictures, there is on each card one large suit symbol, completely made up of words, numbers, little pictures, part of the usual picture in the case of the courts. Each one's contents are the number of the card, often in several languages, sometimes some reference to cultural uses of the number (e.g. one of the sevens has the deadly sins and another has the virtues), it's amazing. I'll never pick out everything in these cards.

But it strikes me that just by its nature, it should read in a very interesting fashion. In a way, it's nothing but keywords (if the names of numbers could be called keywords), but the use of cultural referents and foreign languages and little pictures might lead to intuitive readings. In any case it will be different from any established system! I can't wait to try it out!