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I just recently got the Dragon Tarot, and my first reading was negative all through (using the Celtic Cross) until the final outcome, the Page of Wands reversed. So, according to my book, the little deck one, it was positive. That didn't seem right to me, and the big Dragon book didn't have the reversals for the suits either. So I bought A Complete Guid to the Tarot by Eden Gray. I want your opinions about the book, was I right in buying it, and the deck itself.




Ryuu: I don't have the dragon deck, but I may eventually get it. Others are calling me more right now.

I have the Complete Guide to Tarot and I like the book. It gives good card definitions and a few good spreads.

I agree with you that if all your other cards seemed to be negative that your final outcome card couldn't really shed a positive light on the ENTIRE reading. Did you write it all down? If you'd care to post it over in the "your readings" section I'd be happy to take a crack at it. ;) Or you could just e-mail it to me.

Rhiannon :)


eden gray's book was my reference book when i was first learning tarot many ummm years ago. ;D at that time there was little other choice in books to learn from. if it was good to learn from then, why not now? it's a real classic.

i don't own the dragon deck b/c it's a bit too dark for my tastes plus i'm not a big dragon fan. why not post the spread if you wrote it down? sometimes a second opinion makes all the difference in the world.


I own the Dragon deck and I've gotten good readings from it. I also think it's a beautiful Deck, with some lovely images. What you have to know about the Dragon deck is that it is an "air" deck (all those winged Dragons). Very intellectual and esoteric, more Crowley than Rider-Waite in interpetation. I've found it works very well in readings for Aquarians.

This means, however, that it can feel cold or dark. It's not, it's just brainy ;) it wants to discuss problems in depth, work out causes and cures, rather than being sympathetic to your plight (if that makes sense?).

What were the cards you got, anyway, and what interpetation did you read from them? And did you get the "negative" from interpetations found in the little, generic book that came with the deck, or from a "Dragon Tarot" book?


Thirteen, I have never heard of assigning tarot decks astrology signs and matching it to people's sun sign But I think it's a great idea and maybe deserves a post all it's own! As you said in a previous post , the sacred circle is an "earth" deck , and that was like "ah-ha!" for me. And the dragon deck , while I don't own it , it is on my "wish list" and I can see how it's an air sign deck. As for the negative reading first time with dragon deck, this may sound simplistic but, on the rare occasion I get a very negative reading , Especially if many cards are reversed, and it just doesn't Seem right , I'll just forget it and put the deck away for at least a few days. Maybe it or you weren't in a good mood , or the vibes were off ,or the deck wasn't shuffled properly. Perhaps others do not see it this way and choose to accept Every reading. I accept Most readings , the vast majority, even "negative" ones. But there are Some readings that I just feel haven't come out right.


Thirteen , I am going to start a post on astrology signs of decks!See you there!


One school of thought says that if the first card you turn up is reversed, that you reverse the card AND the deck and continue reading from there; this school evidently doesn't like to have a reversed first card!

A friend bought the Celtic Dragon tarot for me as he vacationed in Germany - and it is written in CZECH! Can you give me the ISBN for the book in English?

Eden Gray's Mastering the Tarot and The Tarot Revealed are both excellent books.


Tarotbear. I got these 3 ISBN numbers out of my celtic dragon book
1-56718-184-8 (I'm assuming book)
1-56718-182-1 (kit)
1-56718-185-6 (tarot deck)

They are only sold as a deck/book set as far as I've seen ,perhaps someone would sell a used book ?
good luck with it.