the faeries and animal oracle decks


I've recently been buying and using alot of animal oracle decks. I've really been connecting with them and having alot of fun. After a while I began to think I was ignoring my faeries and they might not like how I've been keeping them to the side for quite a while.

As soon as I had that thought though I heard all this laughter and giggling. Then a voice saying who do you think has pointed you toward the animals? :D The faeries then told me I haven't been ignoring them, I've actually been listening to them even when I thought I wasn't. ROFL They were the ones who wanted me to get and use the animals. :D As soon as I heard this I did realize the faeries had been all around me even though I wasn't using the faerie oracle deck much at all lately. (giggle)

This was just a fun little story I wanted to pass on. They just made me realize I listen to them more than I thought. Sometimes (probably alot of times) even when I think they're not speaking to me. :*

**I'm not sure whether to post this here in the Faeries Oracle section or the oracle deck section. So please feel free to move it to the correct place if this isn't it. :)


You did not say that! you did not say that! Now you are going to make me go get that oracle deck you got the other day. As you know I have been on a plant and animal oracle deck kick since ... about the same time as you ... and well that means ... you know ... the faeires ~giggles~. Particularly when I see those luscious illustrations of nature within the Froud paintings. Do not make me go to Amazon, pppplllllleeeeeeeassssssssssssssseeeeeeeeee *LOL*.

Seriously, I think this is somewhat related to the faeries as they are nature beings and have been inspiring to us for years. The more we learn about nature the more we conscious we become of the world around us and of its value, and our responsibility to protect it. Now if they would just plant a money tree in my yard .... *LOL*


Jewel said:
You did not say that! you did not say that! Now you are going to make me go get that oracle deck you got the other day.

}) }) **ROFLMAO** }) })

Well it's not just about Animal Messages by itself. It's about ALL the animal decks I've been using recently. Animal Messages, Animal Dreaming, and my ted andrews tarot deck too.

I've just found myself using animals deck much more than my faeries. I really haven't even picked up my faerie deck for quite a while now. I "thought" I was ignoring them. I guess they showed me though. :D

**But you do NEED to get Animal Messages though. (rolling with laughter)


faunabay said:
**But you do NEED to get Animal Messages though. (rolling with laughter)
You're evil. I need to try and resist for a bit. The faeries are giggling and egging you on too! They have had me looking at plants and animals A LOT this last month as you know, and keep trying to make me go to Amazon and get it. It is just so soon after X-mas that I am trying to get further along the year before buying more stuff for myself. As you know they have been decorating my car with Jessica Galbreth stuff and dragonfly coasters, they are quite active, and today you post this temptation, and my faerie guide for the day is Hobayah! need I say more?????


Thanks for posting your story Faunabay. I too feel like Ive been neglecting my faeries for a while because I have been bonding more with animal and flower decks, maybe the faeries guided me in that direction too, though Im not sure because I dont hear the fae in the same way you do :D


OK, so I added Animal Messages to my Amazon wishlist, even though the faeries tried to get me to hit the "buy with one click" button *LOL*. The Glanconner is trying very hard to tempt me into it today, but I am still going to try and wait a bit ... a week or two *LOL*.

I am still slowly reading, and savoring every picture, of the new Froud Faeries book I got for X-mas so that is keeping entertained and the faeries happy for now. Well that and I got my Jessica Galbreath floor mats for my car, a faerie to hang from the rear view mirror, some dragonfly car coasters, and a faerie sticker for the back window of my car *LOL*. See now why I feel I need to wait on that deck???? ~giggles~

I have noticed a sensation of the faeries peeking over my shoulder and buzzing around every time I pick up animal, flower, or nature decks of any kind of late. I do think they are trying to help us see the connection between nature and them. That it is happening to the three of us at the same time to me means there is no coincidence in this.