The Faeries called to me!


I would have posted this sooner but I have had a cold for the past week. It's kicking my a s s !!! I haven't had enough energy to sit down and post.

I didn't really think too much of this deck, based upon the images I saw here on Aeclectic, it was kinda creepy and dark to me. But something told me to order it and I figured if I didn't like it, I could always sell it or give it away.

So I received the deck and book set the week before last. I opened it, looked through the deck, didn't feel impressed, put everything back together and set it aside so I could have time.

Jump ahead a few days: I'm writing an article which is bringing about some heavy emotions for me, difficult to bear. The grief, the state of the world, all associating with my article subject, it was overhwhelming (hence the cold a few days later). I realize that there is something holding me back, some piece of my process that I had not yet identified, so I could not change it and move on. It was frustrating.

So I'm getting ready for bed that night. They called to me. They really did! Some little voice came from somewhere and told me to go to the Faeries Oracle. So I sat down and went through the deck, and I figured, not having yet read the book or explored their meanings, I would just go with whatever cards "hit" me. After I chose the cards, based upon sight and feel alone, I of course opened the book and explored the card meanings.

To ease your curiosity, these are the cards I chose to explore:

9 Singer of Initiation
13 Solus
34 Sylvanius
50 Arval parrot
55 Soul Shrinker
56 Gloominous Doom

WELL!!!!! I figured out what was holding me back, and at least now when that pattern emerges, I can willingly change it. Gently, but it needs to occur.

This was powerful for me. No other deck has ever encouraged a change in me like that. As a Scorpio, I have no choice but to change; it's either change or lay down and die! And I have figured out most of it through hard work on personal issues, or in dealing with people in relationships and friendships, or even by watching something on TV that "got the message across." But this is the first deck to bring about change and inner knowledge. I am pretty much unable to use Tarot to read for myself, so the Faeries oracle is, for me, a welcomed tool!

Thanks for letting me share.


Congratulations! I know exactly how you feel :D


So glad to hear They have entered your life ... I feel like this deck can do amazing things. It teaches you with gentle wisdom, and encourages you to face your fears ... and maybe even learn to laugh at them, and release them. At the same time, it encourages you in ways that inspire you on the spirit level.

Keep listening for that little voice! I'm sure if you've heard it once, you will probably hear it again! If so, I hope to hear more of your experiences with this truly gracious set of Fae creatures that's calling you.


Thanks to both of you for the encouragement!