The Faeries' Oracle (Froud) - Least Favorite Card


My least favorite card was also The Soul Shrinker.

1. What's the emotional atmosphere of the card?
Dark, cold, sharp.
2. What might the physical manifestation of this card be?
Change, ungentle, unfeeling.
3. What do you see in the card's symbols that might represent the mental characteristics?
The small, black eye and mouth
4. What are the spiritual characteristics?
Awareness - a shove
5. What do you find most uncomfortable about this card?
It seems cruel.
6. Is there anything you find appealing/attractive about the card?
7. Any other ideas or impressions about the card?


My least favorite card Lauthas the Wild

1. What's the emotional atmosphere of this card? Frenzied hurried wild and unfocused I feel anxiety when I look at this card

2. What might the physical manifestation of this card be? Out of control, the destruction of your life a string of REALLY BAD luck

3. What do you see in the card's symbols that might represent the mental characteristic? The wild look in his eyes , tattered wings, a his willingness to squish some other faeries face to that he can pop squat for a minute. It just reminds me of those people who are will to climb over others for personal gain.

4. What are the spiritual characterizes? Ugh ... i feel like he says if you don't want to end end up like me slow down. take some time to look at the scenery.

5. What do you find most uncomfortable about this card? him stepping on the other faeries face and he seems to be smiling about it.

6 Is there anything you find appealing about this card? the energy it does say action now lots of action lots of energy lots of movement

7. Any other ideas or impressions about the card? craven weirdo.


Least favorite - 57. Luathas the Wild

Thank goodness there are a few others who have Luathas as their least favorite. I was expecting a lot more while skimming through the thread, so I was starting to think I'm crazy (which is probably what Luathas would have me believe).

So, here goes.

Emotional characteristics: Crazy, psychotic, loneliness, damaged, denial of emotions.

Physical characteristics: Solitude, bad health (mainly mental heath issues), choas, acting out due to past damages but he doesn't know it or doesn't even care (he reminds me of the Joker from Batman).

Mental characteristics: Complex, multi-dimensional, but clearly confused. Misguided behaviour and thought patterns due to past damages from external factors (mostly mental and emotional abuse or trauma), the innocent face is taken away, he feels there is no return and flattens his innocence til it's warped and non-existent.

Spiritual characteristics: Awareness (or, be aware and vigilant of those around you), questioning intentions, being understanding of background (why a person is the way they are) but be careful not to excuse behaviour using said background.

Most uncomfortable: The evil look, sinister as if intentionally planning to harm, mentally not quite there (though cunning), unpredictability, psychotic, being (or feeling) so damaged that nothing can heal, wings won't grow back.

Anything appealing about card: He's strong despite what he's been through, if he'd just let himself feel the pain, he wouldn't be out hurting people. He's very smart. There is a glimmer of hope to become whole again if he only steps back from feeling so hurt that he has to mask it all by destroying others, to become vulnerable again. There is a possibility also that he doesn't realize the consequence of his actions can be that bad (i.e. prankster gone wrong).

I'll just note that while others saw the face on the ground as someone else that he's trampled on, I saw it as his original face, His true innocence that was taken away from him. Someone hurt him so much that he had to shed that part of him to survive and that's why it's laying flattened and warped on the ground.


My most uncomfortable card is 64, Gawtcha. It is scary to me. It seems to mean being watched, being afraid, something hidden that would be scary when revealed. The activity I see in it is cowering, worrying about finding out something I don't want to see or know. The mental characteristics would be worry, fear; spiritual characteristic, lack of trust. The thing that makes me most uncomfortable is the piercing eye, and not knowing what is hidden behind the hands--perhaps her face is a gruesome horror that would frighten me if she revealed it, which it looks like she is just about to do. I suppose part of it is she looks like she might just be afraid, and if I trust her and move toward her to help, she might drop her hands and become a very frightening and threatening thing.

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G. Hobjah

G. Hobjah has made his way to my least favorite right now. It makes sense to me, he is all about craziness. He reminds me of a the type that would thrive in a high stress office, and insane situations. I feel I had enough of those in my life, and in a way rejecting that type of energy. Chaos seems to be the root of where G. Hobjah thrives, the type that thinks its fun to watch a crowd spin out of control. He represents the thrill of adrenaline to me which is so opposite of what I want and/or need in my life.


Oi! That Gnome

Emotional - frustrated, stuck, p$&&!d off.

Physical - crappy situations you keep repeating, jobs you hate, bad neighbours, grumpy old people in your life. Unreasonable people and situations. All things irritating.

Mental - that smug smile, the one eyed look that aludes to one-eyed thinking. The way he's squatting and just not going anywhere. The way he stares back at you with total inaction, he's not going to help, he's just going to sit there like a lump and say 'back again'.

Spiritual Charactistics - similar to both the hanged man and hermit rolled into one. The need to go within and find out why this stuff keeps coming back at you. Not being able to move past this until you figure it out. A calling card for repeating a cycle of insanity (doing the same things and expecting different results).

Most uncomfortable - the fact he seems so comfortable right where he is in your life. He takes on stalkerish proportions just to highlight the fact that on some level you've got it wrong and then smirks as well to rub it in. Totally unnecessary when you are in a state of cluelessness.

Appealing aspects - he is kinda cute, the way garden gnomes really should be, not those stupid concrete things. Despite taking on grumpy old man characteristics he is actually quite youthful and vigorous. He's not the end of the road, but more a challlenge along the way while you're still fiting fit and able to overcome him with relative ease. The hat and nakedness work, he's a rough and rugged little chap, nothing too complex.