The Faeries' Oracle (Froud) - Least Favorite Card


I actually had a convo with a few friends on the dark lady card. I said I didnt like the look in her eyes. But they didnt see the same thing as me. They found her seductive, and hot to say the least........I found it interesting how we percieve the cards differently.


OK I figured I better get in here and do my homework finally. LOL

My least favorite was also the Dark Lady. Her eyes were what really did it to me. They have the look of the evil vampire in some horror movie. LOL Also the look on her face in the lower fully body picture - looking down her nose at you, very condesendingly. And the white light raising from her forehead also freaks me out for some reason. Instead of the third eye connotations it seems to be scary to me. (shrug)
She just seems to be the woman that nobody would want to get on her bad side. You'd either disappear for good or your mind would. LOL
My heart just does a little jump when I see her. She just flat out scares me.


The Dark Lady won out for my least favorite, but the close runner up was Solus.
He doesn't have any feelings in his face IMO. It looks like he's carved out of granite and his eyes stare out with no expression.
He gives me the impression he would walk right over or crush anything that got in his way and truely not even notice.


My Least Favorite Card

Well, when I first went back and read what the book had to say about The Soul Shrinker, I felt like I'd really missed the mark. However, now that I look back at both the book and my answer, I see how they could work together.

When I participate in malicious talk, I do lose some of my potential and become less than I could be. It shrinks my soul as well as hurting the person I talk about. So here were my original impressions:

The Soul Shrinker

1. What is the emotional atmosphere of the card? The emotional atmosphere of this card is one of harshness and fear. The faery is almost snarling.

2. What might the physical manifestation of this card’s symbols be in someone’s life? What aspect of life does this card symbolize to you? The physical manifestation of this card in a persons life might be drying up of the person’s potential. The person might even become ill in some way…physically, mentally, or emotionally.

3. What do you see I the card’s symbols that might represent the card’s mental characteristics? The faery has very underdeveloped features and huge gaps between its teeth indicating that the person might also be underdeveloped in understanding.

4. What are the spiritual aspects of the card’s symbols? The spiritual aspects of the cards symbols are the shriveling and underdevelopment of the spirit and soul.

5. What do you find most uncomfortable about this card? I find the squint of the eye and the way it holds its mouth to be the most uncomfortable things on this card. So I would say…the expression if its face.

6. Is there anything you find appealing or attractive about this card? I find the brush strokes and blending of colors to be the most appealing thing on this card.

7. Have you any other ideas about or impressions of this card? Although the faery has an unpleasant expression on its face and had underdeveloped features, I feel as if it is a person’s personal choice to let the energy of this faery affect his or her life. Although it looks unfriendly, the underdeveloped features indicate that perhaps it doesn’t have much power unless that individual gives power over himself to it.


The Dark Lady, Souls and Soul Shrinker

Faunabay, like you pretty much everything in the Dark Lady gives me the creeps (and that is that I like vampires *LOL). When I look at that card what comes to mind is vengence and vendictiveness. I try really hard to look for positives in this card and the best I could do was the pink sheet for hope ... and that was a real stretch.

As for Souls ~grins~ I love that card *LOL* ... those sexy baby-blues just drew me right in *LOL*.

Jimilyn the Soul Shrinker was the first daily draw card I had *LOL*. Before really knowing what he was all about I perceived him as agitated and troubled. An overall emotional atmosphere of disgust. Physically I also thought of illness as a result of prolongued negativity (personal toxins as I call them). In looking at the mental I saw him as multi-dimensional and one of the things that spoke loudly to me was the fleshy color on parts of him that made me think of renewal ... overcoming the ugliness. Spiritaully I saw sadness. I approached this card from a "least favorite" card perspective so I noted that malicious yet pained look in his eye as what made me most uncomfortable. What I liked the best were the pink skin tones I could see that could mean that what ever the frustration or anger was about it could be reversible.

After having the card for the day, I feel as though he left me with the following message: "I am not what I appear to be, I am simply a reflection of humanity. It is up to each of you what you will see." ... From that day forward I have learned to respect and appreciate that card, and every time I think of being "catty" I think of the damage I can do to him and stop myself ... he is a great motivator :)


Jewel, I quite agree...

with you about The Soul Shrinker. It is quite interesting all the different facets you can pick up about him through the card...the pain and destruction, the hope for healing, that *I* am responsible. He is so multi-dimensional. He actually is becoming one of my very favorite cards because he is teaching me so much. I stop much more often than before to weigh my words. I have a long way to go still; but, as they say, Rome wasn't built in a day. A long standing way of looking at things and acting and reacting to them doesn't disappear overnight. I'm so thankful for this compassionate being to stick around to teach me that I can be more and better with each passing day. I look forward to restoring more and more of his original beauty as I learn and grow.



Just got my cards- hope it isn't too late to join in.
My least favourite card- by far was the Rarr. I haven't seen anyone mention it yet, so here goes! My interpretation differs so widely from the book one. So I don't know what to make of it- love some advice!!
I saw it as a very cold dark, closed off image. It's complete within itself and doesn't seek any connection. It's completely alone- but not lonely. Defensively alone- it doesn't need people. I look at it and think- it's a grotesque mutation (something that has grown without a head!).

I see it as someone who is depressed who has shut themselves off from the world and from people. They feel they have to do it all on their own and won't reach out to anyone. They feel different and distance themselves for this reason.

This is very much a mental card for me- I see little of spiritual, or emotional. I see someone in a prison because of their thought processes. They have closed off, closed down. Sort of like the old hermit who has no time or patience for people.
As I said this differs so much from the book definition. But the definition stills feels right for me when I look at the image. Has this happened to anyone else?


Everytime I see the Rarr I giggle. I think he is cute! I dont know why I think he is, i mean is does just resemble a ball with wings. But he is sooo cute. I love it when he comes up in readings. Dont know why and probly never will. But yeah I thought I would share that since the rarr was brought up as being a least fav.


Jimilyn ... again we agree!

The Soul Shrinker has really gained a huge soft spot in my heart, and what is really interesting is when I pull him out to look at him I see more pink in his skin tone each time! Very strange. When I first drew the SS, I was writing along answering my questions and when I was done I noticed that I had somehow how skipped pages when flipping to write on the back side ... so here in the middle of my work I had 2 blank pages. Then I felt the SS tell me that he wanted me to draw or do something on those pages that reflected how to make him more beautiful. I attempted to draw him, but that was not a good thing *LOL*. I could not draw him. As I pondered on this the other night, I felt as if he sent me another message, and this time it was to do a collage of moments with friends and loved one where there was sharing and connection. Finally tonight I am going to sit down and do this in a scrap-book like fashion for him. Like you I feel is with me teaching me and helping me reach my personal goals of becoming a better person each day. Of realizing that what is really important is how we treat others. Like you, I also consider this now to be one of my most favorite cards.

Butterfly, I have not worked with the Rarr yet. I also see it as very mental though and of flying so fast that everything it leaves in its wake is irrational. I do not think the Rarr has time for emotions or spirituality it is to busy plowing forward without thinking through where it is even going.


Butterfly, the Rarr was in my pile of most uncomfy/least faves too! I thought it was very creepy/scary looking. It reminds me of that horror movie "Phantasm" or something! It's a ball with knives coming out of it! EEEEK! So I totally understand where you're coming from with that.

I think I can make the book definition fit in with our feelings. It says that the Rarr is attracted to all types of energy, including the energy of a rioting mob! Reversed: "the Rarr indicates a terrible problem. Both the querent and the Rarr have lost control and are thrashing around in midair.... Illusions and delusions are rife. Misunderstandings escalate."

When taken in that context I can see why the card originally scared me! The job I was working at had that same kind of energy going on. I did feel like there was a lynch mob after me and I had no where to run! LOL

I hope the next time I encounter the Rarr I can use his energy and potential for something positive.

Rhiannon :)