the Feytypical tarot deck


The Fey has been one of the first LS deck to have the RWS numbering for strength and justice.
Willy or nolly, you will find a lot of RWS under the Fey rug :)

The process me and Mare used to find a picture for the card was one of destruction and reconstruction. Find a "core" meaning from the traditional and expand on it, shaping it through the Fey and our personal experience.
Sometimes this brought a strong similarity. Other times it led to a totally different direction... like on the 5 of Pentacles, where we played on the "which side of the window we are".

It may help consider my strong opinion that the RWS is an outdated deck. Modern in meaning, but with symbols we don't emphatize with anymore. We now read the RWS just mythically (like a fairy tale) or intellectually.
Our intent has been to bring a more physical, emotive side to some Tarot. Take the hanged man, the lovers, the wheel... they get - feywise speaking - sort of real.
(I hope, at least)




Thank you

RicardoLS, thank you for your posting and thoughts. This list is, of course, madly enthusiastic over the Fey Tarot. I agree with you that the Waite-Smith design concept is old in terms of its imaging although we all deeply appreciate the effect that the illustration of the minor arcana has had on following decks.

We are shortly embarking on another explorative exercise relative to the Fey, card numbers, and perhaps comparing the Fey to the Waite-Smith deck -- the details will be announced by our moderator soon. I hope you can monitor our progress and feel free to join in at any time.

And thank you for bringing the Fey to us. Dave.


Ditto what Dads said.
It's always an added bonus to know what was inside the creators minds when studing a deck.

As for the excercises-
I have my deck seperated into the sets.
First I put them into order- when I got to the 10's I realized that this would put 11 cards into set #1. I see the lonsome Fool off to the side, and look to the 10's....I put them together, just seemed to want to be that way.

SO....we shall begin with Set #1 that involves the cards:

  • I Magician
    X Wheel
    XIX Sun
    Ace of Cups
    Ace of Pentacles
    Ace of Swords
    Ace of Wands

I will make a thread for set #1 that will explain format.
{have a look at the 7th post up}