the fool


does the airship in the card have any significance?...i sort of interpreted it has being a "free spirit"



In the Rider (and other decks, like the Robin Wood) there is usually a ship that looks like a Spanish Galleon, at least one, sometimes two, floating in the background of the Two of Coins. These floating ships usually signify thoughts or events being 'Up in the Air,' or a connotation of being 'ungrounded.'

In the Fool card, being 'up in the air' hints at indecision, inexperience, and probably an innocent sense of ones self-importance. Why be grounded when you can be as light as air? A dirigible being a modern replacement for a floating Spanish Galleon (not too many of those around anymore!) is actually a good choice.


Also, the alligator on the dirigible refers to a tradition on some tarot decks of showing an alligator on the Fool card, such as in the Oswald Wirth deck. (The butterfly as well appears on the Fool card of some decks).

Interestingly, a ship will appear on the 3 of Wands in the Tarot of Dreams, floating in the air.

-- Lee


The Fool

What I love about this card is how well it represents the young man setting off on his own to begin a journey but not having the means to do it alone, yet ... and so taking what might be seen as fool-hardy risks, or opportunites for adventure.

That's how I see the butterfly and the zeplin with the alligator (croc?) coming into the scene. Have you ever just watched a butterfly fly about? They're always all over the place, spending energy flapping around not really knowing where the hell they are going. heh. Then there is the alligator is to remind us of the risks that are inherant in setting out onto the unknown. (but paired with the zeplin shows that risks can bring us to great heights/achievements).

So who knows how this plays out, is the truck driver the love of this guys life (or maybe a just a good lay?) or is he a homocidal maniac? So the spirit of the fool lives on in this card. Love it!