The Fool's Tarot, a Virtual Tarot Deck.


Well after a long and torturous journey "The Fool's Tarot" is finally published. Not how I expected but still I think it is for the best. Having finished designing the cards, what seems like ages ago, I attempted to self publish them, but the cost to make a real nice set was out of my price range, what with minimum orders costing thousands. I then looked into making them myself, but this just didn't work cause the quality was not good enough for sales, in my opinion. Card stock is important and my computer made versions just didn't cut it. So I submitted my ......... how should I put this ......... "eclectic deck" to publishers and they were not interested. At this point I became very frustrated with the whole process! Only 3-4 major publishers, high printing costs, and crappy computer versions. So whats a Fool to do?

Well I stepped out of the box and created my own program on CD-ROM! Thus Virtual Tarot Decks was born. The program requires no installation and runs from the CD. It auto starts and works on all Windows platforms. I designed it to be simple to use and understand. It enable users to use my deck in a fairly realistic simulation of a real deck. Users can create their own spreads easily or use one of the many included spreads. My goal was to create a virtual tarot deck and I think I did a very good job of it.

Now I know some of the purists here might say "yuck! A computer deck!" But I have come to the conclusion this modern version of a tarot deck is just as useful as a real deck. Being a Chaos Magickian I don't buy the "But you can't touch and feel the deck, stuff!" Tarot is a intuitive process that happens in the mind of the reader. It has very little to do with touching a deck.

Anywho! If you are interested in seeing more about "The Fool's Tarot" check out or search for it on Ebay. You can still see the entire deck at (sorry about the pop ups there!).

One of the reasons I created the Virtual Tarot Deck software was to offer an alternative method of publishing the tarots of talented artists, so if you have a completed tarot deck you are interested in having us publish in this form, please feel free to contact us at

In Chaos

The Fool