The gatekeeper, the doorkeeper, the control guide, life guide


The gatekeeper, the doorkeeper, the control guide, life guide

General description from books,
With you from life to death
Protects you from harm, overall protector.
“it has clothing’s that can cover the client, or lots of clothing that folds “
It organizes the people on the other side who wish to come through and speak to communicate.
It may become the main message guide.
It will bring the most message, for yourself or for you to relay.
It can become a combo of gatekeeper and other type like doctor, joy,
One book says it stays in the background silent
Also called the master guide by john Edwards,
I remember reading about it in other books that I no longer have,, Raymond buckland doors to the other world perhaps.

I said in the forum here on medium thread that I started that I didn’t’ have a doorkeeper guide, which in truth because I focused on the light beings/angels/ascended masters that It was only for mediumship so I never focused on it. So in essence I blocked myself from talking to this guide.
I also compared it to the story I have read about in some astral travel books about the keeper of the threshold that was a very scarey guide that was designed to keep you in your body.
So I sure didn’t’ want to get scared, when obviously they were different things.
John Edwards meeting his master guide in the book , and cd said his response was “this is crap” but after it was proven he says afterwards in his experience.

So last night a friend and I traded readings on skype so I decided let’s do a reading on our respective gatekeeper guides. On my part I modified a medium spread I used a couple of years ago to adapt it to the gatekeeper guide. My friend didn’t’ use the same spread so I sat there listening as best as I could.
The thing that stood out was my gatekeeper was an emperor and all the cards were very postive except for the last three which was the advice he wanted to give. After leaving the skype and talking on atf on some threads after I watched the avengers cartoon.
As I was falling asleep I felt the zombie energies (for those won’t know I had nightmare of zombies for years and decided they were spirits after some one dream showed one becoming normal smiling at me and going back zombie and back to normal looking at me) coming but I wasn’t’ scared as I went to bed thinking about the gatekeeper being an emperor.
During the night I slept heavily dreaming intensely of space clearing, mediumship, protection.

Oh I should make note that afterward the reading we did for each other I went on a 3 hour search or there abouts lookings for mediumship home study coursee, online circles and that type all the while thinking of the emperor as control guide.
Even today as I got up I thought about it now and then throughout the day and after I did the reading..

Here is what I was basically thinking. My master guide must be some sort of big authority,, like he must know a lot on mediumship and what does it mean to me.
My thought through the day was to use my channelling tapes to try to reach him.

So I found myself laying down on my bed about 1130ish ? I am nore sure,, the light was on , I was just laying there thinking of it..
Oh yes I remember now that I remember it that I did the reading tonight and did the raising vibration excerises I included the gatekeeper/doorkeeper in there after I connected to the source of the creator. (I allowed the white light to dissolve the fears I had and got ready for it ) .
So before I went to lay down I was thinking if I connected to the light and then did the door keeper I bet the door keeper is thinking what use am I for , for holmes is already connected to the light I reasoned in my mind.
But then the message came more like the light gives way to the gate keeper to do his job and the light was just there like an overseer who just looked, and watched, and just hung out for it wasn’t needed.
So I went to lay down and was lying down thinking of it,, the door keeper what is he,, what does he look like, (I am sitting there thinking with my personality after all ) so I layed there,, and an energy came over me as I layed there on my side.
I thought to myself, the gate keeper would say .. “I’m a long lost medium “ I said to myself that can’t be right for no real medium would be lost on earth “ I’m a long dead medium “ I said to myself suure who, we are talking 1920s here right . No older,,long lost . I said to myself 1800s no, 1700s .
So I sat there thinking to myself on my side not moving ,it wasn’t in the americas, it must be like east Indian, no, Greece, no, Sweden.
The name is supderers (I don’t really remember what form of s it was) I tried to shorten it,, shaka ?.

So I got up to go look up “long lost“as it was like “oh yes lonng gone “ (the phrase came to me like that from where the blind man describes remembering jesus who wasn’t seen for a long time in the greatest story ever told as played by ed wyn).

So I got up to look it up to see it meant not seen in a long time ok I said so it was a person who was deceased long ago. I tried to look up mediumship in 1600 to 1700s. And finally I typed in mediumship Sweden 1800 for a place to start.

It came as this

Emanuel, that reminds me of the emanuel books I used to read by pat rodegast as I read through it,, intresting life. “he wanted to present a new idea every day” I said that is the energy I get when I think of spirituality here at atf.

And also the information I got was in the 1800s(around the 20s/30) in his next life he did live in the woods and worked with native american people and took part in cermonies as he was sworn to secrecy.
Mostly that came up when I asked for I am ojibwe.

Now my rational mind seen that description two days ago when I looked up new age,, but I avoided clicking the link like the plague so it was in my subconscious the date, the name and he was in Sweden as it says right there on the wiki
“The first of these was Emanuel Swedenborg (1688–1772), a Swedish scientist who after a religious experience devoted himself to Christian mysticism,”
It is possible that I discounted it to the date, and the fact I never heard of him.

So I know ascended masters go out there and serve lots of people at the same time, can this spirit dude do that as a gatekeeper ? Is he a gatekeeper/master guide or just was passing by and wanted to reach me. It is now 5.42 am so I have to get to bed.

Though if likes attracts like, the christian mysticim thing explains a lot where I follow a mystic christ as opposed to the christian christ.
have you met yours, and how did you meet yours ?


i have been giving this some thought

the spirit energy hasnt' been around me since the time I described above.
it could be "it stays in the background silent"
I am still going to work with the doorkeeper now i am back from the weekend.

one friend suggest to be aware of spirits who say they are famous, which is good pratice that in channelling if it is a ascended master, archangel that it is perfectly acceptable. look at how many people channel sananda/jesus/christ self, however we dont' know how many of these unknown number who are indeed channelling jesus, and the differnt kinds of aspects.

this is intended to be a discussion of the above title in mediumship though i guess it can easily apply to channelling/spirit guide work since we are talking about a sort of guide.

so the experience aside with the possiblity of working emanuel, I decided to focus on a doorkeeper general mediation(without any name, or predetermined look) and wait for it to be proven over time.

edited to add a week later

I spent time looking over my books, and looking for my dreams.
I was reading born knowing and how john holland had some teaching guides show up and i realized that emanual was a teaching guide who could be overseeing a lot of people working with door keepers.

so i dont know who my door keeper is,, i am waiting for a reading on it, i am looking for validation from other sources.