The Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid


Meh... I just traded the Wisdom of the Oracle by her. Mainly I couldn't put my finger on why I disliked it! It just gave me this icky feeling. :( And the guidebook was not my cup of tea at all, she felt all pushy and smug in it. I do know a lot of people looove her oracle decks so maybe I'm the weirdo here. :) It does make me a bit negative towards this one. And what's with the title?! Oh well, looking forward to seeing more pics of the cards, who know, it might be better than I expect. :)


This isn't really the kind of deck I usually buy, but I think at least some of the art is by Jena DellaGrottaglia (she did the art for Wisdom of the Oracle, Enchanted Map, and the Energy Oracle, among others).


Im interested in seeing the artwork and some of her decks have beautiful images, however I must say I am put off by the name...the "good" tarot? as opposed to the "bad?"

Luna's Crone

yeah the name sounds like its trying to trick into the witches house or something...or maybe its taken from the good wife. never watched the series but didn't she give up on her principles some where


Agreed that the title is not particularly promising. I still hold hope that she won't bowdlerize and over-sweeten Tarot a la DV. Her oracles are not particularly sugary, IMHO. Colette's, I mean.

As for frou-frou vs. fou-fou (or foo-foo), I have a feeling that the second is derived from the first, but both are widely used in English.


Good Tarot

I am really intrigued about the latest collaboration between Collette Baron Reid and Jena DellaGrottaglia.
It's due out in April but I'd really like to see some more images before I commit to far I have only seen the front cover image and a few scans on Jena's Autumns Goddess website.
Anybody else seen any pics?
Tink x


I can't see any scans there. I wish it weren't from Hay House....


Good Tarot

'I can't see any scans there. I wish it weren't from Hay House...'

The scans are quite small....and not necessarily from the Tarot deck at all...but there is a '2 of Cups' themed image which I find very pretty.

Hmmmm.....Hay House.....I do have the Enchanted map and Wisdom of the Oracle decks and find them a little plasticky...and quite tricky to shuffle.....and the boxes are hard to get into....but I could overlook that if I liked the deck...

More images please Powers that be!


To my mind, Hay House is too closely associated with Doreen Virtue for comfort.


I can't even find anything on her website...which is strange to me. I also am on her mailing list and get emails...nothing about the tarot. Odd.