The Gothic Tarot by Vargo - Eight Of Pentacles


Vargo's cards were based on earlier works, you can see some of them on his website. This card is called Sentinels.

Two gargoyles appear on this card. The one at the left seems to be growling, with his open mouth and wings, and his feet are carefully standing on the edge, and yet, he's not really flying, he keeps his position. The gargoyle at the right is standing straight, his hands on the edge, and he looks ahead of him, determined (and a bit surprised?). On the extreme left of the card stands a tall pillar with eight pentacles engraved on it.

If these gargoyles are sentinels, it's obvious it requires a constant vigilance and patience from them to do their work. They must be focused at all times and never look away.

At the same time, I wonder whether these gargoyles are children or not. Maybe they are at their stage when they have to learn how to fly. It is something very new to them, and only with lots of practice, will they be able to fly on their own. The one at the left seems to have more vigor than the other, he's fiery, strong, and he's already trying his wings, training. The only thing he needs is the little push over the edge. The other gargoyle looks stumped, maybe he's trying not to see the emptyness down below, so he looks up and tries to concentrate on what is ahead of him.


My take without reading the LWB or previous post:

The two gargoyles in this picture seem distressed. One is holding on for dear life while the other seems to be letting go. Internal conflict perhaps? This is a tough one for me to read. I want to revert back to my RWS training - knowledge and/or diligence? Card of the craftsman? These don't seem to fit IMO.

I would see this card as a period of unsettlement and the knowledge that there may be different ways at looking at the same situation. It could also mean that you are not going through these troubles alone.

Now that I look at the LWB I see the craftsman angle being reported. I guess that means the gargoyles are the product of the craftsman? Or are they admiring their own handiwork at the sight of the pentacles on the pillar?

In a completely intuitive reading, I would probably go with my initial reaction on this one.



I chuckle at this card, because I do remember that the name of the image is Sentinals and I can't seem to get anything but the sight of two yawning guards out of my mind.

I remember pulling guard duty and being woken up just a few hours after going to sleep to take the next shift. I can definately relate to two yawning and stretching guards.

I read this card that way. I mean, more in the light that it is a reminder to stay vigilant, rather than letting your guard down.

Now, while that doesn't really connect to the traditional meaning *shrug* I'll reconcile that later. Maybe.


It is fascinating how different readers interpret the cards differently.
I felt that the open-mouthed gargoyle was being taught, encouraged, or guided by the close-mouthed one. This would imply a mentor or a guide in the process of learning, although we must do the work of study, we are never truly alone in our efforts.
Yeah, I'm attached to the traditional meanings. Had to get learning and craftsmanship in there somewhere!!



Eight of Pentacles

A gargoyle and what looks to be a vampire in partial bat form, stand behind a low wall. Off to their left side is a pillar displaying eight Pentacles. The vampire seems to be in the thralls of a visceral scream, while the gargoyle seems occupied with watching something beyond the wall.

The pillar to me almost resembles notches on the shaft of an axe. It is like the vampire is keeping score, of victims or turned humans. Maybe a full pillar signifies a certain status within the clan. What ever the case may be it seems the vampire is quite satisfied with himself at this moment.

The gargoyle seems to be adding a howl of its own, but at the same time, something has grabbed his attention out there. It is almost like he is looking at the response of maybe a crowd of beings in the courtyard on the other side of that wall. Unlike some gargoyles depicted on these cards, this one looks to be an animated moving creature, not a statue. He stands at the vampires side like a loyal henchman.


My first reaction to this card, was that the gargoyle creature next to the pillar was female and the other male. It reminded me of a married couple, the female younger. The other does seem older.
At first glance I thought they were yawning, looking tired.

The fog coming in from the left of the end of a long shift- shift change (as previously mentioned from others in this thread)

But then I looked deeper, I also got the feeling of two creatures similar but not the same. She (And dont ask me why I think it's a she, I just saw it that way) is bored but annoyed, she wants to spread her wings, go play, sure it may be the end of her shift but the night is still young. He is like an old man saying,
I want to go to bed.

(Can just visualise the conversation so clearly lol)


This card just makes me smile every time I see it. I have 3 kittens and the the yawning gargoyle looks just like my male kitten who´s just woken up from his afternoon nap :)

I see these as cute harmless guards.They´d be easy to distract or lure away (like kittens) if someone wanted to enter the castle. If I´d get this in a reading I might ask myself wether I´ve got my guards down too low? Am I being careless in some area of my life? Should I wake up & sharpen my instincts, watch out for something perhaps??

edited to add: I was missing cats in this deck at first, untill I realised that they are here after all:) First I found them in this card, later in others.



maybe they're bored,that's why they try to do some singin'
and counterpointin'....