The Gothic Tarot by Vargo - Four Of Cups


There are gargoyles standing on the top of a building, six gargoyles in all. Three at the top and three at the bottom. The four cups are within the architecture, making it more solid. The gargoyles at the top seem very bored and somewhat sad. The three gargoyles below are fighting, the one at the center wears a crown, and is pushing down the one at the left, like if it wanted to be worshipped.

These gargoyles don't know what to do of their time, beside getting bored, being mean and fighting. Sadness and lonelyness come out of the card as well, they are not together but against each other.


I get the feeling there are four gargoyles of note. The outside two at the top appear not to be ‘real’. The bottom 3 Gargoyles are so busy capering, they have forgotten the four cups…and the fourth…?

I think that's the point...


I dunno, I see this card as a boost up from your friends. The three up on top are either waiting or hiding, or of course, not "real"

But the little guy in the crown wouldn't be the one wearing that crown without the support of those he's getting a leg up from. It gives me the idea of his going up to reclaim his "rightful position" as the bearer of the vrown from the grinning gargole top and center.


IV of Cups

originally posted under Vargo's Gothic Daily Card, 8-30-04

Hmmm...interesting card!!!

This card's standard meaning is boredom, apathy, dissatisfaction...restlessness possibly???

There are several gargoyles in this scene....every one of them seems to be experiencing a different emotion...

The central, winged creature on the top ledge looks angry, aggressive...almost playfully so, like he is saying "come on, mess with me...I DARE you!"...the gargoyle on his right looks at him with curiosity, while the one on his left looks bored or sad.

The three beasts on the lower ledge seem to be more restless and mischievous than the others....the one in the middle looks like the instigator of this group...trying to stir up trouble, stepping onto the back of his companion and preparing to leap down upon his unsuspecting victim. The bird-faced gargoyle is looking away, howling or laughing in anticipation of the night's activities...

Looking at all of these creatures together, I am reminded of a person who is very restless, not sure what to do next, having mixed emotions about where they might he headed next.

:) Luna


Four of Cups

There are six gargoyles in this card. The four chalices depicted here are sitting on a small shelf underneath edging on the top of the wall, they are all the same as the one pictured in the Ace. Each of the six gargoyles seems in a different state of mind, and their body language seems to reflect how they feel. Embedded in the wall below the cups is a traditional gargoyle face that seems to serve the original purpose of draining water from the upper reaches of the building. The three on the top are all winged, and the three on the on the shelf below do not have any wings. The middle one on the shelf is wearing a crown. The one on the right holds a human skull with both hands and squatted down over top of it. Nobody will get getting that away from him soon.

It seems to me that each of these gargoyles is physically displaying a keyword meaning for the Four of Cups. Mischievous, moping, whining, distracted, distracting, and heckling are all things that I feel could fit this card. Each of them is an immature reaction to boredom, annoyance, or unhappiness. These minions are bored, and their master has not assigned them any work to do. So just like any other soldier, when there isn’t duty to be done usually an inordinate amount of trouble can and will be found.


mercenary30 said:
Embedded in the wall below the cups is a traditional gargoyle face that seems to serve the original purpose of draining water from the upper reaches of the building.

Is it me, or does that face look like the Green Man?

this card was based on Vargo's work 'Gargoyles'.