The Gothic Tarot by Vargo - Knave of Wands


Some creature is standing on a high and thin something (sorry for my English;)), holding a wand in his left hand, in a crouching position. With his right hand, while supporting himself on it, holds a skull.

He seems to be excited, scofing at someone, and ready to jump in the abyss below him.


He’s a risk-taking demon. Over confident – excess of enthusiasm – he is a protector. He is our friend. He exudes strength – which is his weakness – attractive in a demonic way…this demon gets what he wants.


The stony aspect of this gargoyle is what strikes me, the way his skin and the pillar blend.

(Perhaps he's a chamelion though....)

Stony aspects suggests that while he sees what he might want, he does nothing to obtain it.

Perhaps, he doesn't need to go after it though ... maybe it often comes to him.

The clutch on the skull draws my eye as well, especially the way his fingertip, his claw, punctures the skull's empty eye socket. Reminds me of a Marine saying that I can't repeat on this board "skull -something or other".

This demon may be messing with your mind as well....


Today I was looking at this card and what drew my eye were his horns.

Horns are a personal symbol to me, and if I ever See horns on people, I know they are both passionate, tempestuous, and quite probably suffer from extreme mood swings, if not outright manic depression.

Horns are like psychic divining rods. People who wear horns are under a tremendous amount of psychic input, to the point that their natural filters begin to break down and they start acting... well, "tweaky."

Outlandishly. Aggressively, perhaps. Volatile and unpredictable.

Horns are used as weapons of aggression by the animal kingdom. Horn-wearing people are often confrontational, they lead with their horns, butting heads often in life.

I see Wands as indicative of thoughts, or mental activity.

The Knave shows me this is a "childish" mind at hand, or perhaps, the person this card indicates is behaving petulantly, in order to gain attention.

Remember when you were a young teenager and you would have these moments of *wild energy* and you thought you didn't know what you would do, just run around the block, or jump off the roof, or do SOMETHING to get it out... somehow?

Or am I the only one who went through such whackies???

This is that energy to me... that wild, full of life to the danger point, ready to act out in any way (good or bad) when I see this card today.

It was funny to re-read what I wrote in the post from long ago, just above. I Heard the same Marine phrase in my head today while looking at the card once again.


Knave of Wands

A gargoyle perches on top of a stone pedestal. Bent at the knees, his position is comfortable but from here he can quickly spring into action. He holds a wand in his left hand and has a skull pinned to the pedestal with his right hand. His grip on the skull is almost like the grip used for a sports ball. He does not have wings like some of his ilk but based on the physique of this beast, not much could slow this creature down. He does have some monsterous horns on his head. They are not very well positioned to be used as a weapon. I would bet he has devised a nasty "finishing" move that still allows him to employ them on his victims.

From what I understand, gargoyles were chosen to represent all the knaves in this deck. This one looks like he is the dumb brute muscle henchmen. He is all action, clever but not wise. Make sure you word your instructions to this creature very carefully, there is a wickedness about him that tells me that he will twist words to suit his needs to kill and maim. The way he holds that skull, make me think that humans are his favorite prey, and that he enjoys his job very well, like a grand game. When he is done with his duty, the scene will be grizzly indeed.


One of the first thing I saw with this knave is his tongue. Makes me feel he is disgusted with something (maybe disgusted with an attitude?, an way of thinking?, but something to do with the mental).

Also, the way he is positionned. Makes me think he is ready to leap ahead on somebody, as he would be a hunter waiting for his prey to pass by. The way he is holding the skull makes me feel that the gargoyle is possessive of that said skull. Maybe the gargoyle may using the skull as an way to inflict wound (not a pretty effective one but my imagination is running wild right now, lol!).

And the wand the gargoyle is holding! It's seems pretty long because we don't see how long it is. Maybe he is using the wand as an Venitian boatman pushing his boat? Or using it to leap like the one in track and field competition?

I feel this kanve is ready to go into action, just waiting for the right moment to make his move. Maybe he isn't disgusted but impatient to go into action...


My contribution to this:
His tongue is not forked, therefore his message is that of truth. He doesn't lie