The Gothic Tarot by Vargo - Knight Of Cups


Vargo's cards were based on earlier works, you can see some of them on his website. This card is called Crusade.

A vampire is standing, wearing a black cloak, holding a cup in his right hand. Some monster is engraved on the wall behind him. It has horns and bat wings; from its jaws (with very sharp fangs) slowly flows blood. The vampire's left hand is caressing the dripping blood on the wall.

This vampire, with his black lips and traits, is very gloomy and severe. Dark and moody, keeping his mysteries for himself, he still seems to be ready to explode if hurt of offended.


Of all the cards in this deck, this one leaves me cold. The coloring seems to not match that of the deck – to me it seems to be of an odd amber hue. There is none of the music and none of the love found in other Knight of Cups – this card is a void to me…

So when I read – I have had to look at what was missing. What would normally be found here.

And this view led me to another viewpoint of this card. Rather than us looking AT the Knight of Cups, when I see this card I realize that I am the Knight of Cups, and this specter simply asks, “Entertain me, make – me – smile.”


This card reminds me of the movie The Crow. It’s probably one of my favourite cards in the deck (but not because of The Crow. Although it was a good movie, it’s not one of my favourites.)

Anyhoo, when I first saw this card, I was transfixed. Although he has no eyes, he is still looking straight at you, through you. Holding his glass of wine, I can imagine him swirling it, breathing in the aromas and taking a seductive sip, never once releasing you from his gaze.

His left had is on the wall, in the thin stream of blood. It is warm and wet against his skin; polar opposite to the cold, hard stone wall. He will feel it with his fingertips, spreading it with his thumb to all his fingers.

This knight is a sensist. He enjoys the heavy wine, the warm blood, he looks at you, daring you to enjoy too.

His expression is almost brooding, but he seems to be weighing you up. Will you succumb to his flirtations? Will you be a tasty morsel, worthy of his attentions?

September Pixie

Ok I must admit, this card had me puzzled as well... but the ghoul on the wall with blood dripping from his mouth reminds me of a line from 'Interview With The Vampire' - "but hark......... me thinks a mortal duth approach" In the usual RW and clones this card speaks to me as "news of love" but this time this card doesn't speak to me of love it speaks more of an important person approaching the questor or situation..

I view the vampire-like knight as the questor.. while he is definately a strong pressence he also needs something.. the redness of the blood his hands are caressing is something he needs, some person coming into the situation is going to vitally effect the outcome of the reading.


I agree yes he is dark and brooding, eyes are white, hand reaching out for the blood that slowly trickles out of the 'devils' mouth. The very first thing that came to me before reading the little booklet or the other posts here was that this is a vampire...what do vampires need....blood....blood = LOVE...
Ok I know very basic but just being honest. He is reaching out for love but the blood does not flow smoothly or quickly, it only comes out slowly in a trickle so to speak indicating to me that perhaps a new relationship is slow to progress or an existing relationship going nowhere, stagnating. Or another viewpoint that came to mind was the devils mouth of which the blood comes from is quite hideous, sharp fangs, all representing that this is BAD, not good. Therefore does he make unwise choices of other love partners? Watch out she BITES ...She's no good for you, she's a BITCH etc get my drift...they just popped into my head...but seriously because his eyes are white, could it mean he is going blindly into a relationship that is no good for him????

Another possible thought comes to mind, he holds the cup...does it already contain the sweet blood he needs to survive...but he holds out his hand for more? He wants his cake and eat it too????? Hmmmmmm I must ponder this thought a bit more.

On a totally different view point this is becoming one of my favourite cards for me because the Knight does grab your attention, he seduces me and transfixes me to him.

Now onto the 4th and final card in my first practise reading, The Emperor.

Goddess Bless


Knight of Cups

A very debonair vampire stands against the wall next to a gargoyle. He holds within his hand a chalice, which undoubtedly contains blood from the surge of blood that flows from the mouth of the gargoyle. Between the look on his face and the way his hand is outstretched over the oozing blood stream, it seems he is warding you away. Although the blood seems to stream all the way down the wall, there is little evidence that shows the flow is constant.

This card reminds me of the moment in Bram Stokers Dracula, where he so wanted to share his blood with Mina, but lamented it at the same time because of the ultimate consequence she would suffer. Torn between loving her, and making her his even at the terrible cost of unlife. The knight seems like he is willing to offer the ultimate “gift” he has to give, but is being very insistent that the consequences are understood, showing that even a vampiric knight still has an honor code.


mercenary30 said:
This card reminds me of the moment in Bram Stokers Dracula, where he so wanted to share his blood with Mina, but lamented it at the same time because of the ultimate consequence she would suffer. Torn between loving her, and making her his even at the terrible cost of unlife.

I like your take on this card.
Blood is something this vampire needs to stay alive. When I look at this Knight it seems like he is trying to keep me away from the blood. Like he is protecting me. Protecting me from himself?