The Gothic Tarot by Vargo - Knight of Wands


Vargo's cards were based on earlier works, you can see some of them on his website. This card is called Triumph.

A white angel, with spreaded white wings, hold a golden wand in his right hands and wears a golden shield and helmet. His right foot is on his defeated foe, a snake. The sky is a light and deep blue with white clouds, it's probably the only card where we can see a normal day.

This knight is courageous and strong, took out the serpent, and stands over it triumphantly. But this knight is too cocky and bold as well, with his huge muscles and golden accessories, showing off.


This card bugs me, it feels disconnected with the rest of the deck, both in color scheme and subject matter.

It does, however, remind me of Saint George slaying the dragon.

In fact, glancing over that link, the description of Saint George even sounds like the Knight of Wands, a martyr for his ideals, willing to risk death by conquering the foe before him.

Overall, I'm not keen on this card.


“So the wyrm is dead…now what?”

I’m not sure I want him to remove his helmet – I don’t think this card is as pretty as it appears. It’s definitely got a feeling of Carpe’ Diem though. It speaks to me of a change in the wind…


Oh, and I forgot ... but when my husband looked through this deck for the first time, and then saw me with it spread out on the floor, he picked up Justice and this card, and said, "These two are the vampire hunters."

I thought it was such a unique interpretation, I wanted to include it. :)


That's an interesting take on this card, I like what she said about the armor he wears, especially covering his face.

True, we don't see his expression. I always thought of this as armor, a necessity more than anything. A precaution perhaps.


Knight of Wands

Here is a card that does not have a dark scene, one of the few. On the top of a mountain we have a golden helmed warrior angel. The kite shield he carries matches his helm and so does the staff. This is the first instance I have seen the suit symbol changed in this deck. The warrior stands triumphantly over what appears to be the slain body of some massive serpent creature. His wings are completely unfurled, and he is still tense from combat, ready to continue the battle at a moments notice. The tail of the snake-beastie is wrapped around the left leg of the angel.

Don’t know if the snake is actually vanquished, or if he is playing possum, maybe a bit of overacting on its part with that tongue hanging out like that. Where are the wounds and blood that you would expect to see? The sky painted in the background really stands out in this card, it seems very fitting for an epic battle. I sense a bit of pride and battle lust coming from this angel, which goes to show that they are not perfect beings. That also goes a long way in explaining how one can change sides and become a dark angel. Free will plays a part in their existence as well.


the angel is quite sure of himself, maybe too sure (especially with the tail of the serpent around one of his leg) Maybe he can't see the tail with the helmet he have?

It's feel a bit strange that he have an helmet, an shield and a wand but any more piece of equipment. Well I don't consider the kind of "underwear" he have to be an useful piece of equipment.

I think that the serpent could twist himself enough to bite the angel. And we don't see any wounds nor any blood from the serpent. So, the serpent may not be totally vanquish.


I have to agree with annik on this one. Definately feel a sense of being over confident.
He is indeed a strong winged warrior. At at first glance does appear to have slain the serpent. But 2 things immediately concern me. Why does he not take of his helmet and why is the tale of the serpent still gripped around his leg.

For if the serpent were truly slain, where is the blood, (as others have previously mentioned) and wouldnt the grip around the winged warriors leg loosen.

If the winged warrior still has his helmet on, then perhaps he knows the serpent is not completely dead yet. He has just claimed victory already, stopping to let the people know he has won (being overconfident) sure of himself.

"look at me, I am triumphant over the evil that has cursed this land" But appearances are deceiving, and he still has his helmet on.