The Gothic Tarot by Vargo - Queen Of Cups


A woman, with black hair and wearing a black dress, holds a cup in her raised right hand. She has a dagger on her waist, with a red gem on it. She wears a crown made with thorns, and it goes down her left arm. She wears a red gem as a pendant. Her lips are red and her nails varnished black.

She looks like a priestess, with her dagger on her side. She seems to be either blessing or making a offering, with what is inside the cup. She is connected with her God and everything that is around her. She has a high position and people look up to her. They come to her looking for potions, spells and poisons.


With her right arm raised skyward, and her left arm down and behind her, there is a very ‘Down and right’ flow. It drags your eyes earthward, so your eye fights and looks at the void behind her head. It’s an odd composition.

So I am left with this feeling of ‘She’s in contact, she’s in control…what about me?”

Now this jibes with perhaps Pollack or Greer who said, “the Queen of Cups asks you to think and feel as she does.” This is the only card I can think of that poses that question through composition of the image.


She has an incandescent halo around her as well, which reminds me of what Umbrae wrote on the void behind her.

My ballet background sees a slightly different picture ... if you imagine her cloaked feet as being right foot forward, left foot pointing to the back, this is a first arabesque, en tendu (the back foot on the ground). It's an "open" position to the audience.

She presents herself to her audience. This position is used, choreographically, in order to convery dominance and elegance. You'll see it, not coincidentally (?), used often for Queen Mother's choreography, in pieces such as Act 2 of Swan Lake, the Queen in the Black Act (whom I once got to play).

It has the line that Umbrae said as well, down and to the viewer's right (which my dancer's brain immediately rebelled when I read, and said, "Wait a minute, that's not to the right, it's to her left ...." I was already *inside* her body ... seeing from her ;) viewpoint. She's using her left foot).

Interesting ....


What more can I say?

Other than, this woman is very clearly alive in every sense of the word. For one thing, unlike some of the other people/vampires/beings/whatever in this deck she has a distinct pink color to her cheeks!


Queen of Cups

This is a very simple card that depicts the queen, either striding forward, or posing. Her glass is raised, again, either in greeting or in a heartfelt toast. She again appears vampiric or at the least, extremely gothic. He long black flowing gown stretches across the floor. It hides most of her skin from view, except the gratuitous cleavage shot that all vamps seem to display in these cards. }) She carries a dagger on her waist, a blood red gem mounted in the pommel to match the jewels that adorn the rest of her outfit.

She very much reminds me of Morticia from the Addams Family, very dark and elegant. An air of sophisticated aristocracy seems to emanate from her, like the socialite wives of powerful men from days long gone. Very graceful and powerful in her own right, concerning herself with the many day to day issues and underlying details that are so essential to maintaining a favorable position in society. How much of it is artificial and how much is real? She is always so caring and thoughtful, ensuring that all she calls friends and guests feel welcome. But where does her true happiness derive through all of this? This dark mistress, so full of flattering words and obsequious attention. It makes me wonder whether the blade is ornamental or if it is yet another means to protect what is hers.


I get an overwhelming feeling of "giving" when I look at her. She seems to be presenting the cup, her cup, representative of what, emotions? love? freedom?


Seeing that card, I also think of Morticia Addams but in a role for theater. I think Morticia Addams is very suitable as a Queen of cups (and Gomez Addams would be a perfect King (or knight) of Wands full of passion, lol! I like too much the Addams family, espically the cartoon and the original tv serie!).

That queen seems pretty formal. Maybe she is in a solemn moment. Maybe a fatal toast for a suicide?