The Gothic Tarot by Vargo - Queen of Wands


Sorry for the delay, I finally got my new computer and new problems along with it. I'm also very excited because I can finally work on my tarot.

As a way of apologizing, I'm going to make many cards today, trying to get back where we should be. Plus, since we have the necessary requirements for a forum of our own, I'm going to PM Kaz and see what answers we get.


A woman, holding a wand in her right hand and dressed in a burgundy velvet dress, is in a dark forest, along with a ferocious wolf on her left side. There is again that green color (growth-decay) in the back and as mist. The wolf is on some sort of wall made of stone with the image of a dragon (or griffon? wyvern?) engraved on it. She caresses a skull with her left hand, skull on the wall. She wears a pentacle as a pendant. Her eyes and lips are red, as well as the wolf's eyes, jaws and claws.

They seemed to be going somewhere, travelling (motion), and she seems to be the leader of the wolf. The wolf might be a werewolf, again with transformation (motion), but this time physical. Her red dress (I think she's the only one with such a dress of that color) reveals her vibrant nature and her queenly bearing gives her maturity. The green means growth and decay, transitions. Her power over the wolf indicated that she has domesticated her wild nature and yet, you can feel that she is ready to give in anytime if she feels like it.


This card has a lot to it, I'm seeing details that I don't know what to make of, but are interesting.

The wolf, who looks to me more like the Queen's familiar, has claws that are blood-tipped, as is his snarling mouth. This wolf just finished attacking/eating, and he looks like his meal wasn't big enough to fill him up. I'd use caution around him.

The Queen seems to be his keeper, and as such is of course unafraid of him. Something about her pose, the wand in the right hand, the left hand hanging down, reminds me of the RWS Magician's classic pose.

A pentacle ... as a necklace. Perhaps she has the gift of taking her inspiration, her desires (Wands), and making them into reality.

Growth/decay in the green, yes.

Her hair, right beneath her temples, is flaming red ... matches her dress. I wonder why the artist chose to give her matching streaks of red, beneath the matching streaks of gray-white that are more obvious to the eye? Does she have a changeable nature?


On the right of the card (the Queen’s left) we have Beast – The Humanoid Skull – The Reptile etching. The Queen appears to rule over all.

To me this card appears to be about Control. About having the skill and the means to achieve whatever she puts her mind to, and the maturity to handle it. A beautiful card.


Vargo's cards were based on earlier works, you can see some of them on his website. This card is called Wolf Witch.


just some more stuff I noticed.

Along with the growth and decay, the wolf himself seems to have the green aura about its face.

Both the queen and the wolf have red eyes with no pupil or white.

the left hand of the queen and the right paw of the wolf are in a remarkably similar position, and on;y three fingers of that hand are visible.


I agree with Umbrae with this card. I too see this card as being about control.

She has a wild side, a fiery side, she can lose control but she needs to tame it, and she can when she wants to.

yes she is wise and beautiful and graceful in her aging (the grey streaks). But it's almost like she is a child still. The child within.

I absolutely adore this card.


Queen of Wands

The green mist lingers about the broken stone where the Queen stands. She holds on to a wand in her right hand, and carries a human skull in her left. She is using her nails to hold it, palm down. Behind her is a great wolf. The wolf is gazing and growling. The stance displays a clear warning that it is there to protect. On the stone in bas-relief is a dragon that is looking behind himself. The scene looks as if it is at the base of a castle wall that has been damaged and broken at some point and they are taking their stand within the rubble.

She stands there like she is defending her territory, along with her wolf companion. The look on her face is that of extreme confidence. It is kind of a “Go ahead, make my day!” look. With her wand and the skull held in a manner that seems impossible, she is flaunting her strength and power. Whether it is an attempt to avoid challenge or invite it I am not sure.

The stance of the wolf shows that it is ready for immediate action, and yet again, the lowered head and nasty snarl on its face are giving obvious signs of warning. The dragon embossed on the crumbled piece of wall, just emphasizes the whole situation here, the symbol of a dangerous clan whose abode has been assailed before, and yet they still stand strong.


I get a strong feeling of protection from this card, for some reason. She's a powerful ally, ready to take on anything and anyone. She has resources coming from all directions. I really like this one a LOT!


A shapely woman with very long hair, grasps her wand in one hand and caresses a skull with the other. Green mist surround her and a ferocious looking werewolf behind her. They both stand on a rock or precipice. Behind them looks like the entrance to a forest and at her feet is a dragon carved into the stone.

This vampire has lived a long time, her hair is streaked with white and very long. Science says that the hair and nails continue to grow after the body is proclaimed dead and her hair flows around her feet.

I get the impression that she has just feasted as her face is flushed and the werewolf's claws are dripping with blood. She has a very strong presence, her stance is calm yet commanding. She has a pentagram resting against her throat which is open at the heart as though tempting the would be slayer. She controls the beast who is ready to spring at any oncomer, she has vanquished the past belied by her nonchalant touch on the skull. She has the ability to transform, and is very strong both internally and externally. I don't believe there is anything this Queen isn't capable of. Should she set her sights on something, very little would stand in her way. She is tough as the dragon scales and ruler of her dominion. This Queen isn't ruled by the past, nor her 'wild' side. Listening to her instincts is second nature to her.